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Cozy at Home—Fun Winter Activities for the Whole Family

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Wintertime often means more time spent indoors. Whether it’s the snow and rain or shorter daylight hours that keep you and the family inside, you have a lot of time to fill until warmer, longer days return.

Let’s look at some unique activities the whole family can take part in to cure winter boredom around the house.

Remember: There’s a big difference between being bored during the winter and suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a real type of depression that needs to be addressed with a variety of methods and strategies that work differently for each person. Talk to your doctor if you think you may be experiencing seasonal depression.

Talent Show

Take a night away from the screens and put on your own show! The great thing about a talent show is that everyone can pick what they’re comfortable doing, from painting to singing to stand-up comedy and beyond. Plan the night a few weeks out so everybody has time to perfect their performances—the practice time will build a fun sense of anticipation!


Get everyone’s creative side going with group writing projects. Take some time to write a recap of the year or some resolutions for next year. Or have everyone write their own blurb for the family holiday letter. Writing together offers a peaceful way to connect, and can help everyone find a new form of expression.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Bring a fresh twist to everyone’s favorite winter drink with a variety of add-ins to choose from. In addition to classic marshmallows, try adding in things like mint, candies, peanut butter, chai spices, a chocolate-dipped rim, or whatever sounds delicious!

Order Takeout

If you live in an area where food delivery is possible, take the night off from cooking! One fun way to make a selection is to have everyone in the family pick their favorite, and then randomly pick a restaurant. Get takeout once a week until everyone’s restaurant has been picked.

BONUS: While you wait for the delivery to arrive, have a cleaning competition to give the house a quick refresh.

Photo Night

Take advantage of the high-quality camera on your phone and set up a photo booth at home. You can include fun props or different colored lights. Or use it as an opportunity to take headshots that the adults can use in professional settings, or new profile pictures for everyone’s social media profiles.

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