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Monitoring Indoor Air Quality: AprilAire Attends Annual International Builders’ Show

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Each year, tens of thousands of professionals in the building and construction industry attend the annual International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada to explore hundreds of educational sessions from over 1,300 exhibitors—including AprilAire!

As an exhibitor, we attend the International Builders’ Show to showcase our complete line of Indoor Air Quality solutions, demonstrating proven performance and reliability as well as a dedicated support team to help meet builders’ needs related to monitoring Indoor Air Quality. During the 2023 International Builders’ Show, AprilAire proudly showcased several innovative additions to the AprilAire Healthy Air System®, an all-in-one solution for monitoring Indoor Air Quality and offered key product information with the help of our in-house technical and customer support and our established, nationwide network of distributors.

The International Builders’ Show 2023

What did AprilAire have in store during the 2023 International Builders’ Show? Here’s a look at the latest updates in monitoring Indoor Air Quality from AprilAire!

Meet AprilAire Ventilating Dehumidifiers
AprilAire Whole-House Dehumidifiers are a staple in monitoring Indoor Air Quality, helping balance your home’s humidity level to reduce moisture, mold growth, and allergy and asthma triggers in your air. At the International Builders’ Show in 2023, we introduced the AprilAire Ventilating Dehumidifier (Models E100V and 8190FF) which brings in fresh air to meet ventilation needs while removing excess humidity from that incoming fresh outdoor air.

Our ventilating dehumidifier combines our ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2024 Dehumidifier with our best-in-class ventilation solution to bring in fresh air and remove any excess humidity.

Meet AprilAire Models 8145 and 8144NC Fresh Air Ventilation Systems
For monitoring Indoor Air Quality, AprilAire Whole-House Ventilation Systems help create Healthy Air in the home by bringing fresh air from outside to dilute trapped airborne contaminants, like allergens, chemicals, and viruses, inside. Not only do these units also push out trapped humid air, Models 8145 and 8144NC units are optimized for energy efficiency and were awarded the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2024 certification.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality With Sensors
Well-performing Healthy Air solutions are key for monitoring Indoor Air Quality and instilling confidence that your home environment is healthy. AprilAire helps by offering sensors to measure temperature, humidity levels, radon, and the operational health of your units.

Plus, these wireless sensors for monitoring Indoor Air Quality easily pairs with the AprilAire Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat to improve installation time, comfort, and personal health. In 2022, we released our easy-to-install S86 Series Thermostats with real language menus, basic and advanced HVAC installer settings, programmable and non-programmable options, and home automation capabilities.

Zone Control at the International Builders’ Show
AprilAirezone control solutions let you control the temperature in every area of your home to deliver optimal comfort while reducing energy usage. For monitoring Indoor Air Quality from anywhere, you can use the AprilAire Healthy Air App to manage zone control at your fingertips.

AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaner
Monitoring Indoor Air Quality means protecting the systems that protect your health. The AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaner operates with a proprietary innovation using a sub-band of ultraviolet life to kill up to 99%* of mold on the surface of the coils of an HVAC system.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality With AprilAire Air Filters
Our 4-inch MERV air filters feature MERV 11, 13, 13CBN, and 16 ratings and improved performance with patented AprilAire Self-Seal Technology to minimize the amount of air bypassing the filter. These filters allow homeowners to vacuum and dust less often and live healthier as the filter captures airborne particles like dust, pollen, mold, and more.

It's Always Healthy Air Season

When life won't give you a breather, AprilAire can with whole-house Healthy Air solutions.

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*Testing performed on Aspergillus niger mold spores in a sheet metal duct with a new lamp placed 18 inches from the surface.

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