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AprilAire is Making a Difference This Holiday With a Santa’s Workshop Party for Local Kids

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-In Preparation for the Party, 30+ AprilAire Employees Donated Through the “Giving Tree” and Spent Hours on December 13 Wrapping Them to Help Parents Give Their Children a Meaningful Christmas-

MADISON, Wis. (Dec. 16, 2022) – Local children in need enjoyed three hours of much-needed festive holiday cheer at AprilAire’s Santa’s Workshop Party yesterday, Thursday, Dec. 15, at the company’s Innovation Center at 1763 N. Bristol Street in Sun Prairie. AprilAire provided transportation for children to and from the Innovation Center and a full afternoon of food, drink, activities, crafts and even a special visit by Santa Claus.

More than 25 children attended and more than 30 AprilAire employee volunteers helped them decorate cookies, scoop ice cream and make a variety of Christmas crafts. Additionally, employees donated appetizers and desserts to supplement the pizza and ice cream donated by AprilAire.

Each of the children at the party had previously completed a Christmas wish list and, in the weeks leading up to the party, employees chose items off the “Giving Tree” which included toys, dolls, books, puzzles, board games, clothes and gift cards. Two days prior to the party, on Tuesday, Dec. 13, AprilAire employees gathered for a three-hour wrapping session, decorating all these newly donated gifts to make them festive and then provide them to the parents (separately from the party) so the children could open them on Christmas in their own homes.

AprilAire has been the national leader in professional-grade healthy air solutions for the home since 1954, but its people are just as dedicated to making a difference in their local community, as evidenced by the careful planning, and outpouring of time and energy in implementing this week’s Santa’s Workshop.

“As a company, AprilAire is dedicated to being a good neighbor in our community to make a difference,” said AprilAire President Jimmy Pendley. “But we are more than a company. We are human beings who care deeply about the health and welfare of our neighbors. It was moving to me to see so many of our employees come together this week to show love, compassion, kindness, and grace for the greater Madison community, especially the children. I’m proud to be associated with the fine folks at AprilAire.”

In addition to this year’s Santa Workshop, AprilAire and its employees regularly support other Madison non-profits including St. Vincent de Paul by volunteering at the food pantry and participating in employee donation drives during the holidays and year-round. They similarly support Luke House and that organization’s community meal program, helping to prepare and serve food throughout the year.

Moreover, last holiday season, AprilAire and a team of its employees gifted a surprise Holiday Home Makeover to a local single mom, Autumn Benton, and her children, ages 7, 6, 5 and 4. The makeover consisted of painting, stripping wallpaper, installing new lighting, building garage shelves and installing the AprilAire Healthy Air System®, which Autumn credits with providing cleaner air for her kids (several of whom have health issues) to help them breathe easier in their home throughout this last year.

“Before we had the AprilAire system, the kids were sick nearly every other week all year long, so much so that the pharmacist questioned my nebulizer refills,” Autumn said. “Now with clean indoor air, they are not sick nearly as often.”

The AprilAire Healthy Air System®, is the company’s signature whole-house solution and a set-it-and-forget-it system providing all-in-one fresh air ventilation, air purification, humidity control, zoning, control, and radon mitigation which are all essential to maintaining proper indoor air quality.

Throughout the year, but especially during the holidays, a host of pitfalls can exist as indoor air quality can become compromised with more visitors inside (along with their germs), dangers from stoves and ovens being in higher use for more cooking and entertaining, and mood setting for holiday gatherings with fireplaces burning cozy flames and festive candles that can add dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Key to limiting exposure from these indoor holiday hazards is good ventilation and air purification, qualities for which AprilAire specifically designs its products. Visit the AprilAire website to learn more about maintaining proper indoor air quality during the holidays this year and beyond. To find the right solution for residences, homeowners should contact their local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional for a consultation.

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