7 Features That Make the 8920W the ‘Smartest’ Thermostat

Photo of the Aprilaire 8920W Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Aprilaire 8920W WiFi Thermostat provides your family with the peace of the mind they’ve wanted for years — the ability to know what’s going on at home even when you’re not there. With the Aprilaire WiFi Thermostat App you can monitor and control all the climate conditions in your home anywhere, anytime!

However, what you might not know is that the 8920W offers you much more than just a mobile thermostat. It’s been designed to provide the ultimate in energy savings, comfort and health with these seven home automation features you didn’t know about.

8920W Smart WiFi Thermostat Features:Screenshot of the temperature screen on the Aprilaire 8920W Wi-Fi Thermostat

Total Control:

On top of the basics like heating and cooling, the Aprilaire 8920W thermostat acts as the command center for your entire home. At the touch of a button, control your home’s humidity, fresh air ventilation and how clean your indoor air is.

Heat Blast:

Is it an extra chilly day out? No need to pile on the blankets when your thermostat offers a Heat Blast feature. Quickly raise the temperature of your home by three to five degrees over the current schedule temperature — so you can shake the icicles out of your hair!

Event-Based Air Cleaning:

The air in your house can change quickly based on activities like cooking and vacuuming or things you can’t control like weather and pollen counts. With Event-Based™ control, improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is simple — when something happens that might jeopardize air quality, quickly adjust indoor air cleaner setting rights from your phone.

Away and Vacation Modes:

Your busy daily routine can change at the drop of a dime. When you’re on the go, don’t worry about the heating and cooling schedule at home. Away and Vacation modes automatically override schedules with more energy efficient temperature settings.Photo of a screenshot of the 3-Day Forecast feature on the Aprilaire 8920W Wi-Fi Thermostat

3-Day Weather and Allergy Forecast:

Pollen, dust and dirt mean pain and discomfort for allergy and asthma sufferers. With the 8920W, you’re always aware of what’s on the horizon so you can make informed decisions about IAQ and adjust your settings accordingly.

Maintenance and Air Quality Alerts:

For convenience and peace of mind, the 8920W will keep you up-to-date on needed service and also warn you when you approach predetermined temperature and humidity limits.

Energy Savings:

Not only does having a programmable WiFi thermostat give you the ability to set your home’s temperature, it can also help you save on energy costs — up to $180 per year!

The 8920W is a smart thermostat designed to help you quickly and easily obtain the Healthy Home you want. While other smart thermostats self-adjust by “learning” your habits — Aprilaire knows that daily routines change, as do the air quality standards for health and comfort. Now you can control your home quickly and easily with all these great features!

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