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Dry air in the House

We all know the issues that come with dry air. Sore throat, bloody noses, and dry skin. Dry air can be a byproduct of central heat. As you work to heat up your home, the moisture can be sucked out leaving dry air as a result. This is a primary reason why so many of these symptoms, especially dry skin, pop up in the fall and winter. 

Dry air can lower your body's immune response as it dries out nasal cavities making airborne viruses and airborne bacteria transmission more likely. 

Dry air in the house can hurt your home's structure too. It can result in cracked structures and harm your home's wood furnishings including musical instruments, wood tables, and wood floors. 

Getting your home's humidity between 30-60 percent is optimal to help make your home more comfortable and your air healthier. 

See how Aprilaire can help prevent dry air. 


Aprilaire's Humidifier For Dry Air

Dry indoor air impacts the comfort level of your home. Dry skin, chapped lips, and dry eyes are the result of poorly moisturized air. Adding an Aprilaire humidifier into your home can help remedy the ill effects of dry air.

As this humidifier for dry air adds moisture back into your home, it can help increase comfort, health, and energy efficiency. For every four percent increase in humidity, you can drop the temperature of your home by one degree. So if your home's humidity levels are at 26 percent and you want to get it to 50 percent, you can lower your thermostat by 6 degrees. 

Helping solve your dry air issue can also help you save money, but as discussed above, dry air can also result in costly home repair bills. 

Aprilaire's humidifiers are a healthy air solution for dry air problems. 

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