AprilAire Ventilation

Rater and Inspector Verification

To verify the ventilation time setting, press the "Select" button to scroll through the calculated Required Continuous CFM and the Measured CFM for this installation. If any value does not match the expected value, the Set Up Menu must be entered to change the floor area, number of bedrooms, or measured CFM.

The calculation used for the ventilation time setting is (all calculations compliant with ASHRAE Standard 62.2):


Minutes per Hour = 60 * (Required Continuous CFM/Measured CFM)

Ventilation Rater/Inspector Instructions

Measured CFM is entered during set up and Required Continuous CFM is calculated according to the equation below:


Required Continuous CFM = ((Floor Area ft2 * .01)+(No. of Bedrooms + 1) * 7.5)







Whole-House Ventilation Models

AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation solutions work primarily with forced air heating and cooling systems, and bring fresh, Healthy Air into homes of all sizes and degrees of envelope tightness. See below for our full line of fresh air ventilation models.

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Healthy Air Month at AprilAire

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