Controlling Air Quality Is Critical

Controlling the air we breathe to avoid virus infection is as important as disinfecting surfaces, washing our hands, wearing masks. 

Air Quality Conrtol




What the Experts Are Saying







I have been arguing we need more

ventilation to provide healthy indoor

environments, but, usually,

that falls on deaf ears.


Prof. Shelly L. Miller, PhD

Paul. M. Rady School of Mechanical Engineering, UC-Boulder


Humidification gives people a

simple means of actively combatting

seasonal respiratory infections,

including the fearsome SARS-CoV-2 virus

Former lecturer Inst. of Primary Care at University of Zürich





Relative humidity of 40-60% in buildings will reduce respiratory infections and save lives.


Dr. Stephanie Taylor

Infection Control Consultant at Harvard Medical School
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer & Member of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Group




Avoid crowds. The more people around you,

the more likely someone among them will be

infected. Especially avoid crowds indoors,

where aerosols can accumulate. 


Ventilation counts. Open windows and doors.

Adjust dampers in air-conditioning and heating systems.

Upgrade the filters in those systems


Prof. Linsey Marr

College of Engineering, Virginia Tech


When you recirculate that air, you have to be sure that the air is going through a high-efficiency filter. 


Otherwise, any viral airborne particles will just be transmitted to another part of the building or an adjacent room. 


Associate Professor Joseph Allen 

T.H. Chan School of Public Health Harvard University


When cold outdoor air with little moisture

is heated indoors, the airs relative

humidity drops to about 20%.


This dry air

provides a clear pathway for airborne

viruses, such as COVID-19.


Prof. Dr. Akiko Iwasaki

The Waldemar Von Zedtwitz Professor of Immunobiology

and professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology

at Howard Hughes Medical Institute





Coronavirus & IAQ In the News...




Supercomputer shows how 

humidity affects COVID-19




Air filtration systems

more popular than toilet paper

CDC updates behavior

of COVID-19 spread

How to keep your

air clean indoors




    Protecting yourself from

    COVID-19 in the air 




Ventilation pros

share their expertise




Should I buy

an air purifier?

Portable Air Cleaners:

Wildfires & Airborne Viruses




Dry indoor air has  

higher transmission


    How to better

    ventilate your home

Businesses also need

to focus on ventilation 

How is your




    A 5-step guide to check 

    class ventilation rates

Ventilation needs to be a

focus of reopening schools.



Ventilation is key to

campuses reopening.

    Open windows to

    buy schools time




Coronavirus travels 

up to 16 ft. in the air 




Use masks and

ventilation in tandem






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Healthy Air System Ventilation

Dilution is the Solution

Mechanical ventilation that is optimized to your home size and occupant total delivers fresh air.

Healthy Air System Air Filtration

PM 2.5 efficiency or greater

Upgrade the 1” filter to a high-efficiency MERV 13 or greater.

Healthy Air System Humidity Control

Control between 30 - 60%

Controlling humidity helps boost your health and your home’s indoor air.

8 Basic Benefits of Aprilaire's Healthy Air System

You eat healthy foods, drink clean water, practice good hygiene, get plenty of sleep, and exercise.

But are you breathing Healthy Air?

1. Reduce Transmission Rate

Ventilation reduces the transmission rate of airborne viruses, including COVID-19.

2. Recommended Strategy From Health Experts

Ventilation is a recommended strategy from prominent universities, scientists, and engineers to combat COVID-19.

3. Dilutes Concentration

A ventilation system dilutes the concentration of virus-infected droplets.

4. Capture Droplets

Air Filters help capture droplets to reduce the concentration.

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5. Helps Provide Fresh Air

Changing out the air helps provide fresh air into a confined space.

6. Energy Efficiency

Managing humidity in the summer or winter can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs.

7. Increase Immune Response

Humidity can help vulnerable patients by increasing the effectiveness of the body’s immune response

8. Reduce Size of Droplets

Lower relative humidity can reduce the size of droplets

Covid-19 Transmission Chart



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