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Healthy Home Blueprint: Ideas for Small Rooms, Apartments, Dorms, and More

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Whether you live in a condo, apartment, dorm, or other shared living space, you deserve to experience a Healthy Home environment—and Healthy Air makes it possible.  

Ideas for Small Rooms: Introducing Healthy Air in Your Space 

“Air quality issues are common in many buildings and may lead to detrimental health effects among occupants,” per the experts at RDH Building Science. 

No matter where you live, we have solutions and ideas for small rooms to help make any space a healthy one. 

Apartment and Condo Dwellers 

The EPA suggests that apartments and condos suffer from the same Indoor Air Quality issues as single-family homes. Just like a single-family home, the air in an apartment or condo can be filled with allergy triggers and VOCs that threaten your health, both short- and long-term. 

Consider these ideas for small rooms: Remove any sources of air pollution from your apartment or condo by opening your windows to increase ventilation and running AprilAire Room Air Purifiers to reduce your exposure to airborne contaminants, like dust. 

City Residents 

An estimated “1.3 million people—more than half of them living in developing countries —die every year from urban outdoor air pollution,” according to the WHO. Considering our homes are often up to five times more polluted than the air outside, it’s no surprise that many people living in cities or urban areas report respiratory ailments, new heart conditions, and even lung cancer. 

Live with kids? Be alert: Kids inhale more air each day than the average adult, making them more susceptible and vulnerable to air pollution. Like the ideas for small rooms we shared with apartment and condo dwellers, the same can be implemented in cities and urban areas to create a Healthy Home environment. 

Dorms & Shared Living Arrangements 

It’s often harder to improve shared spaces and can actually be worse for your overall health, hindering cognitive performance and even leading to mental health concerns. Air filtration solutions and regular cleaning rituals can protect you and your mates from these negative impacts. 

For California Residents 

Luckily for residents of California, Title 24 is already implementing some critical ideas for small rooms in an effort to reduce high energy use and air pollution production throughout the state. This will help drastically improve the Healthy Home environments in this state. 

Healthy Home Dos & Don’ts  

Looking for ideas for small rooms that help protect your Indoor Air Quality? Follow these dos and don’ts. 

DO: Use an AprilAire Room Air Purifier and replace filters often 

An AprilAire Room Air Purifier can give your space the Healthy Air boost it needs without unwanted ozone! By replacing your Room Air Filters regularly, you can create the ultimate Healthy Home environment.  

DON’T: Use products with VOCs 

Volatile organic compounds—or VOCs—can be harmful to your air and health. Consider these ideas for small rooms: Use all-natural, organic cleaning products as often as possible, and be sure to avoid furnishings and décor that may offgas. 

DO: Be honest with your landlord or building’s administration 

This is so important! Not only can your landlord help test Indoor Air Quality levels, but they can also help implement key ideas for small rooms, like ventilation and air filtration, across units for an overall healthy building. 

Final Thoughts 

Every space deserves a Healthy Home title—and thanks to our ideas for small rooms, anyone can achieve the relief and comfort they desire with Healthy Air! 

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