Cleaning & Maintaining Your Aprilaire Humidifier

What is humidity? Humidity is the presence of water molecules in the air. As more water evaporates, the more water vapor rises into the air, making the humidity level rise.

💧 What should the humidity in my home be? 💧

Mold and overheating can result from too much moisture. While too little moisture can cause dry eyes, chapped lips, and an environment where bacteria and viruses can thrive.

For optimal comfort and health, you should keep the Relative Humidity of your home between 30-50%.

If you live in an area that experiences drastically different weather throughout the year, it can be difficult to stay in that healthy zone. To find the right balance, you can use a humidifier or a dehumidifier.

Cleaning Your Aprilaire Humidifier

Before we reach the driest months of the year, take the time to make sure your humidifier is in proper working order. While crucial to the comfort of your home, a humidifier can become a health risk if not properly maintained.

Tips to keep your Aprilaire Humidifier running smoothly:

● Change your humidifier’s water panel. The water panel is essential to increasing the moisture level in your home and is meant to be replaced on a regular basis to allow your humidifier to function at its highest potential.
● Clean out the humidifier’s reservoir. Bacteria and mineral deposits can build up rather quickly inside this tank and make their way back into the air if not taken care of. You should clean it out about every three weeks during frequent use. Simply add mild soap and water to the bucket and gently scrub it down. Rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry before putting it back.
● Clean mineral buildup from the orifice, solenoid, and all other components.
● Be sure the humidifier is level for proper operation.
● Do a check for any leaks or standing water around your humidifier unit.
● Check humidistat for proper operation.

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