Family Fun: A Summer Bucket List

There are endless possibilities when it comes to fun summer activities. Rather than getting overwhelmed by trying to do them all, make a summer bucket list with your family to make it a summer to remember.

We gathered some ideas for beating the heat and staying on budget.

See if you can fit all of them in before fall arrives!

Summer Bucket List Options

Summer Bucket List Option 1: Backyard Blast

Your own backyard is the perfect setting for some amazing family traditions. It’s nearby, free of charge, and open 24/7.

  • DIY Slip n’ Slide – Who needs a water park when you can set this bad boy up for your family and friends?
  • DIY Sponge Bombs – All the fun of a water balloon fight without the tedious cleanup afterwards
  • Camping – Backyard camping can include so many different activities to fit the needs and preferences of your family:
  • Obstacle Course – Running through the sprinkler is a timeless tradition that’s tons of fun. As kids get older, amp up the outdoor activities to keep the fun alive.

Summer Bucket List Option 2: Indoor Hoopla

Sometimes the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor adventure. Whether the rain won’t let up or the temperature just keeps climbing, indoor ideas are great to have on hand.

  • Homemade Playdough – Practice shapes and colors with younger kids or let older children compete in a sculpting contest – either way it’s a great hands-on activity
  • Yummy Snacks and Treats – Summer might mean you finally have time to try some of those cutesy Pinterest finds you’ve been pinning like crazy
  • Game Night – Pick a new board/card game. Or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could make your own

Summer Bucket List Option 3: Special Outings

Whether big or small, adventures outside the home can be affordable and fun for everyone.

  • Library/ Movie Rental – Pick out new books and/or movies for the family to enjoy
  • Splash Pad/Community Pool– Often times, these summer hot spots are free of charge or very inexpensive for the whole family to cool off together
  • Park/Picnic– You can have a picnic in your backyard, or even your living room, but going to a park just adds even more excitement
  • State Park/Nature Hike – In Aprilaire’s backyard, Wisconsin, is home to over forty state parks that make for a beautiful family adventure. Find outdoor options in your area to give your kids a new perspective on the world and a break from their screens.

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