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Swimming the best activity for kids

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Swimming in the summer is a no-brainer. What better way to keep cool on those long, hot days than going to the pool, the beach, or the lake?

Beyond the dog days of summer, swimming has benefits that last a lifetime. Check out some of the ways swimming can contribute to your kid’s well-being.


Safety is always important with water activities, and you should ensure your child knows how to swim and how to react in emergency situations. Year-round swimming lessons will teach them everything from the fundamentals like floating to advanced skills like helping someone in danger.

It can take awhile for kids to get comfortable in the water, so if they’re initially reluctant, don’t be afraid to reintroduce swimming from time to time. Being around the water teaches kids about responsibility and awareness in all situations.

Physical Health and Wellness

Research suggests that regular physical activity can improve focus and help retain memories. Swimming is a great way to get that regular exercise because it works the whole body while putting little to no strain on joints. It also helps to improve cardiovascular function, lung capacity, and stamina. Plus it can increase strength, muscle, and flexibility.

Sometimes we don’t realize how important all those things are until we get older! So do your kids a favor and get them started with low-impact swimming now. It can set them up with a lifetime of benefits and help maintain their quality of life as they age.

 Social and Emotional Health

Swimming lessons provide a fun and non-traditional opportunity for children to interact with their peers. They get to make new friends outside of school, which teaches them invaluable social skills and can provide an increased sense of confidence.

It can also instill a healthy competitive streak. Whether they’re competing against the person in the next swim lane or just trying to beat their personal record, swimming gives kids a chance to expand their skill-set and competitive drive.

And don’t forget the emotional benefits! Due to the natural buoyancy of water, swimming is often far more relaxing than other forms of exercise. Stress relief and mood improvement are huge benefits that can boost overall health in adults and children alike.

Life Skills

Simply put, swimming is an important life skill. It’s a healthy, fun activity for kids, and as they get older it can open up job opportunities like lifeguard, camp counselor, coach, member of the military, athlete, and more. Whether or not your child expresses interest in those career fields, the ability to swim can serve them well in whatever path they choose.

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5 Ways to Spend Family Quality Time

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Tips for Summertime Family Fun

We’ve all heard the cliché that parents dread summer vacation just as much as their kids look forward to it. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Managing the kids’ extra free time is all about finding activities that you all enjoy doing. This helps keep everyone occupied and organized, and lets you come together as a family and enjoy good,clean family fun.

Here are just some of the benefits of taking the time to have family fun:

Families develop stronger relationships – Spending one-on-one time with each of your children builds trust and creates lifelong memories.

Children feel loved and important – Feeling valued builds self-esteem and self-worth and can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Parents become role models – Time with your kids means opportunities to model good behavior, habits, and morals that you want to instill.

Children are more comfortable with you – Growing up means going through a lot of changes, and most of them can be confusing for kids. Being in a close-knit environment where they feel comfortable enough to voice their thoughts and feelings can make all the difference.

Parents can help children grow – Helping kids reach their full potential comes from the ability to learn children’s strengths and discover areas for improvement.

And finding that quality time can be simple! Here are five ways to spend have good, clean family fun this summer:

Go Camping

Some families have their own camper and campsite that they frequent in the summer months, but even if that’s not you, camping as a family doesn’t have to go any further than your own backyard. Set up a tent or sleep under the stars right behind your house. OUTDOORSGEEK rents out tents of all kinds and ships nationwide.

Meal Prep

Sit down together and pick out meals that the whole family will enjoy. You can do the planning, shopping, and cooking together as a family a few times a week. This isn’t only fun, but it teaches your kids some new life skills. You can even find an inexpensive menu planner for the fridge.

Pizza and Movie Night

Take a break from meal planning with a scheduled pizza night once a week. Routines like this are fun to look forward to for kids and everyone loves pizza paired with a family-friendly movie.

Book Club

Depending on the age of your kids, you can all read a book together or do read-aloud time for younger kids. The important part is to be reading every day. If you need some tips, read this article: How to Start a Family Book Club.

Get Active

Go for a walk, take a bike ride, go swimming. Pick any activity that the whole family can participate in and have a good time with. Physical activity is good for the body and mind, and it’s a great way to spend the summer.

As important as this family time is, don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself! Get a babysitter and go on a date. The kids will love having someone else around and you’ll get to relax for the night—win-win!

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Delicious Summer Recipes: No Oven Required

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Summer is a great opportunity to eat healthy because fresh produce is EVERYWHERE. We have found five healthy and delicious summer recipes for you to try using all that great fresh produce. Even better, none of these recipes require an oven!

Five Healthy and Delicious Summer Recipes

Clean Eating Quinoa Salad: This colorful dish uses simple ingredients like kale and sweet peppers to make a tasty salad that is both healthy and perfect for taking to-go. It also yields eight servings, so, hello lunch for an entire week!

Mediterranean Hummus Pizza: A no-bake pizza that only takes ten minutes? Yes, please! This pizza is so quick and easy that it’s sure to be a favorite. Not only is it fast, but it’s completely customizable. You can add or subtract any veggies you want to make it fit your family’s tastes.

Shredded Chicken and Avocado Nachos: Two words: rotisserie chicken. Picking up a tender, juicy chicken at the grocery store can save you so much time and energy. This healthy nacho recipe can be modified as much as you like, but as is, only calls for five ingredients and can come together for a nutritious lunch in a matter of minutes!

Apple, Almond, Cheddar Sandwich: It’s not just another ham and cheese. This sandwich is packed with protein and rich flavors that complement each other perfectly. And again, recipes are meant to be broken, so don’t feel like you need to stick to only the ingredients listed. Try adding some onion for a kick, or maybe use a crunchy almond butter for more texture.

Roast Beef Summer Rolls: Instead of actually roasting beef, these summer rolls use deli roast beef to make your life easier and your cooking more efficient. Who loves saving time in the kitchen? Everyone. The filling and wrapping of the rolls takes some time, but the color and flavor of this recipe is completely worth the forty minutes. Making these from scratch is a definite plus that everyone will appreciate.


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These Easy Summer Desserts Are a Great Way to Keep Your Cool

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Crafts for Kids: Easy Summer Desserts to keep cool

As your family starts to settle into that summer groove, you’re surely more likely to entertain at home. And why not? From pool parties to barbecues, summer is a great time to hone your hosting skills with your favorite guests. This easy summer dessert is the perfect DIY treat for any sweltering summer occasion. Sweet, sour, and, most importantly, refreshingly cool. You can quickly and easily whip up a few Raspberry Sorbet Lemon Bowls for the entire crew this summer.

Give it a try using the instructions below. Feel free to get creative, adapting this recipe to try other flavors! We’re thinking maybe a refreshing lemon sorbet in frozen lime bowls would be delicious. You could even try using a creamy vanilla bean sorbet in zesty orange bowls for an orange creamsicle!

Don’t forget to take pictures for Instagram and tag @AprilaireCo and #KeepYourCool so we can see you and your guests enjoying these refreshing summer desserts. Your guests will love them!



Raspberry Sorbet



Washi Tape


Step One: Cut your lemons in half in such as way that the bumpy ends of the lemon are on either side of your knife.

Step Two: Carefully cut the bumps off of your lemons in such a way that it doesn’t puncture through and cut a hole in your lemon bowl. This will serve as the base of your summer dessert so that it stands upright, and we certainly don’t want our sweet sorbet to ooze out of the bottom.

easy-summer-desserts-lemon-sorbetStep Three: Carve out the deliciously sour fruit of the lemon so that the peel itself resembles a zesty, miniature lemon bowl. Place your miniature lemon bowls in the freezer to get them nice and chilly, perfect for a hot summer’s day.

easy-summer-desserts-sorbetStep Four: While the lemon bowls freeze, wrap brightly-colored washi tape around the tops of each spoon, leaving room for a small spoon flag. If you wish, use a pair of scissors to cut notches in the flags.

easy-summer-dessertsStep Five: Scoop raspberry sorbet into your lemon bowls and place your spoon flags inside each for a brilliantly delicious display of color.


Step Six: Stick your spoon flags in your creations, serve on a hot summer day, and watch your refreshingly easy summer dessert quickly disappear!



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Find New Local Family Fun Activities this Summer

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Bored? Find New Summer Activities in your Immediate Area

This summer you may find yourself in the place you’ve lived all your life feeling like you’ve explored everything there is to explore, or maybe you’re in a brand new place with endless explorations ahead and you don’t know where to start.

Either way, we guarantee you can find plenty of ways to make your summer fun fresher than ever!

Let’s start with you hometowners. Depending on the size of your city, it might be a challenge to find some new activities or sights for the summer and that’s when creativity is key. Become a “local tourist” to see your city through a new lens.


  • a local coffee shop or a downtown boutique that you’ve walked by a thousand times but never stepped foot in. Just make sure to keep an eye on the kids around the expensive breakables and hot beverages. 🙂

Check out

  • your local library. Most have a calendar full of events each summer (especially for kids and teens), and if nothing else you can find a new book. Or if reading really isn’t your thing, consider some of the other resources a library has to offer.

“Chase for an ace”

  • You decide what it is you want to “chase”; best smoothie, juiciest burger, freshest cheese curds, and order one from every place you can. Split just one order every time so you keep the cost down and your appetite up until you’ve tried every variation. Once you decide which is an absolute “ace”, you’ve found your go-to for the rest of the summer.


  • your city hall’s bulletin board or check your community’s website. Chances are, there are concerts, sports leagues, rummage sales, and more in your area that you never knew about. This is a great way to embrace your locality and get to know more of your neighbors.

New in town? Don’t even know where the city hall is, or what it is for that matter? Fear not, this is 2018 and there’s an app for that.

Apps for finding local events!

  • Meetup is the perfect app for finding friends and getting involved in your community by allowing you to create or join groups for just about any interest. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby and trying to find people to join in on your current favorites, this app does the job.
  • Hangtime is an app targeted at college students, but really anyone can use it to coordinate schedules with friends and see what events they’re attending. You can even link it with your Facebook account and it will suggest local events based on your recent activity.
  • Songkick is for the music lovers who want a heads up on any or all concerts coming to the area! You can even import your music libraries from Spotify or Apple Music to be sure you get all the updates on your favorite artists.


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Summertime Schedule: How to keep your kids busy and reduce stress

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Summer chores chart keep kids busy during their break

What are your kids up to this summer?

With endless digital entertainment options at their fingertips, it can be easy for kids to barely leave the house. But with so many adventures to be had when it’s nice outside, that would be a shame. As a parent, you have an awesome opportunity to set guidelines ensuring your kids have a great summer.

Summer Routines

Children thrive on routines. While every family’s summer routine will look different, it can be helpful to have a consistent schedule to organize around.

Here are just a few of the benefits that come from having a regular routine:

  1. Consistent Sleep – When a child’s internal clock stays “on time”, it helps them fall asleep easier and get a full night’s rest (8-10 hours)
  2. Household Harmony – Predictability reduces stress and anxiety for parents and kids alike. Make sure everyone is aware of the routine and respects it
  3. Preparing For Life – From grooming to work habits, children who practice skills–like reading for thirty minutes every afternoon or brushing their teeth before bed– are better at time management and have a greater sense of self discipline as they get older
  4. Gaining Independence – When children know expectations, they don’t have to be reminded to finish work or make their bed. They can do it on their own and feel a sense of pride and confidence.

Summer Chores

A major benefit of having the kids around all summer is the opportunity to lessen your load with household duties. If they have extra free time, spreading out chores is a great way to keep them busy, teach responsibility, and keep the house clean all summer long.

Here’s a great resource for creating a Chore Chart of age-appropriate responsibilities.

And here are four more fun and creative ways to incorporate a chore chart:

  • Chore kits: This much prep work and organization might not be for everyone, but it sure seems effective. Try putting baskets in each room that needs cleaning with a list of what to do on the outside of the basket and allthe supplies needed inside the basket
  • Chore sticks: A simple and effective way to make doing chores more fun for your kids. Have them pick one to three sticks depending on their age and let the suspense get them revved up for completing the tasks
  • Chore cookie sheet: Great for helping kids that can’t yet read because it uses pictures to represent the chores that need to be done
  • Chore door hanger: Perfect way for older kids to take ownership of their expected responsibilities

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Your Summer, Stress-Free

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When you’re a kid the countdown to summer is exciting: three months with no school to wake up for, no tests to cram for, and no heavy textbooks to haul around. But as an adult, summers can be quite the opposite: three months of activities to organize, family picnics to host, and vacations to plan.

So how to manage the stress of a hectic summer and still make it one to remember? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

Keep a routine:

A good night of sleep does wonders for stress levels. Try to keep wake-up and bedtime schedules the same as they were when school was in session. That will make it easier for you to plan and organize, and it will encourage the kids to do something active and exciting with their summer vacation.

The Sunshine Vitamin:

Spend time outside each day to soak up the sunshine and boost your Vitamin D. It’s been shown to affect mood and has other potential benefits for the body. If the forecast is blistering, try to get outside early in the morning or late at night to avoid the worst of the heat.

Summer Sales Event:

Cash in on all your spring cleaning by having a garage sale or selling your unwanted items online for some extra cash. It’s a great way to get a jump start on your winter holiday budget.

Spend Smart:

Set a firm budget and stick to it. Using only cash to pay for meals and activities on vacations is a great way to keep your spending in check.

Flex Travel:

If your schedule allows, try to travel and explore on weekdays to avoid the higher weekend prices and crowds. It’s likely that you’ll have to deal with big crowds anytime during the summer, but if you’re using all of our other tips you’ll be so stress-free that it simply won’t matter.

Get to the Beach!:

Sunshine, sand, and waves are the perfect recipe for relaxation and refreshment. Whether it’s the ocean, lake, or floating down a river, you’ll make lasting memories around the water.

While you’re enjoying your time at the beach, do your part to keep the oceans and waterways healthy! World Oceans Day, a global celebration of our magnificent oceans, is focusing on preventing plastic pollution on June 8th, 2018. And it’s easy for you and your family to get involved!

Head over to their Facebook page or check out some of their free resources. You can join the community of people and countries who are making the preservation of oceans a priority for the good of future generations and for the well-being of our planet. Here are a few tips to consider: