Get Your Home Ready for the Baby

A healthy home for a bundle of joy: best list to prepare house for a new baby

As you get ready to welcome your new baby, you already know that for everything you can prepare for, two more will take you by surprise. All the more reason to get ready what you can now! One thing all parents should be aware of is changes they need to make to their house before a little one is scampering around.

Healthy Home Safety Exam

As Parents Magazine reminds us, “babies become mobile practically overnight.” Before your due date, walk around your house and think like a baby.

Hit the floor: Remember, your baby’s world takes place 5 or 6 feet lower than yours. Crouch down and observe your home from this level.

Review the medicine cabinet: When it comes to safety, what’s in and what’s not in your locked medicine cabinet is very important.

Don’t forget your indoor air quality: Protect your newborn from indoor air pollution and an uncomfortable environment.