Home (And Healthy) For The Holidays

During the holidays, you don’t have time to be sick.

Whether you’re traveling long distances or preparing your home for parties and guests, the cold or flu can be a real Scrooge to your holiday fun.

Healthy holidays

You’ll want to do all the wellness basics: wash your hands often, get plenty of sleep, and eat right. And here we’ve put together some specific places where you’ll want to be extra diligent about maintaining your health this holiday season.

On An Airplane

You never know who was in your seat before you. It could’ve been your long-lost pen pal from grade school, a voice actor from your favorite animated holiday movie, or someone who was feeling under the weather and spreading their germs all over the armrests, tray table, and seatbelt.

Unfortunately, that last option is the most likely, and that means you need to take precautions when you board the airplane. Pack along some disinfecting wipes and give everything in your area a quick wipe down. Then let it air dry and enjoy your flight with peace of mind while daydreaming about that old pen pal of yours. (I wonder if she ever became an astronaut…)

At The Mall

Holiday shopping can be a marathon. Which does well for burning calories as you pound laps around the mall, but it can also tire you out and expose you to a gauntlet of germs and unhealthy food options.

Take control over the food you’re eating. Avoid the blood sugar hit that comes from that oversized latte or the cinnamon roll that’s as big as your head. Pack along healthy snack options like dried fruit and nuts, and bring a water bottle that you can refill as you go along.

You know the mall is filled with germs. They’re basically the only things you can get there for free. Pack along some alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean your hands after you touch things like toy shelves, escalator rails, and credit card machines. A more thorough cleaning is a good idea before you eat or use your hands to wipe away the forehead sweat that comes with all that intense holiday shopping.

 At The Office

Germs and viruses aren’t the only threat to your health. Stress plays a huge role in the function of your immune system and your overall happiness. This is especially true around the holidays when you’re trying to balance work deadlines with planning family get-togethers and being the best Secret Santa in the office.

So give yourself a break! Take off early for a relaxing massage or fit a stress-busting walk into your afternoon routine. You know the best ways to relieve your stress, and it’s essential that you sprinkle them in while fulfilling your work and home obligations. The holidays should be a happy time, so don’t let stress or sickness steal your festive cheer!