3 Tips for Successful Cyber Monday Savings

3 Tips for Successful Cyber Monday Savings

Ahh, the Holidays – people grappling frantically for the best deals at stores across the country, waking up a 4 a.m. and fighting traffic to sit outside in the snow.

Wait! That’s not what the holidays are about. And that’s why many consumers prefer to do their holiday saving online on Cyber Monday. But how do you save big and keep your sanity?

You can remain in your comfortable, healthy home and still catch a great deal – instead of a cold!cyber monday

Keep an eye on your email!

Cyber Monday and Black Friday often start early and continue late as stores try to get the most out of the early-holiday season sales push. If you usually delete emails from your favorite retailers – DON’T! You may be throwing out the invite to an early bird special or a heads up on a limited quantity item.

Remember everyone is doing it.

The major e-tailers will of course have hot deals, but don’t forget that most brands and companies sell online and they will likely all be running promotions. Instead of one-stop shopping, surf around for good deals.

Make your lists – check them twice.

There will be bargains galore as online and retail sales kick off. To get the most out of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, have your full shopping list ready. Yes, it’s a great time to get gifts for loved ones, but it’s also worth picking up everyday items for the home!

Winter Wellness Deals!

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