Turn Your Little Cheesehead into Wisconsin Cheese this Halloween

Halloween is nearly here! To show our Wisconsin pride, we turned one of our Aprilaire boxes into a fun, do it yourself cheese costume that you can do with your little cheesehead.


1 large box (ours measures 18”x 18”x 18”)
Craft knife
Round objects to trace
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
Yellow paint and paint roller


  1. Find a square box large enough to fit around your child’s torso. The box should be comfortable enough for them to move around in while also fitting snug enough to not fall off of them as they run around this Halloween. Flatten the box and cut off all of the box flaps using a craft knife. (Do not allow your child to use the craft knife.)
  2. Cut off all but a three-inch flap top to bottom from one of the sides of the box. This strip will be used as a flap to hot glue the box to itself together later.
  3. Use round objects from around your home – paper plates, duct tape rolls, coffee cans, etc. – to trace various round objects on the flattened box with your child. Carefully cut out the traced circles with a craft knife. These will eventually become your cheese holes. Be mindful that two of these holes will also function as armholes for your little cheesehead. 
  4. Reassemble the box as a triangle, hot gluing the 3-inch flap onto the interior side of the corresponding side of the box.
  5. Paint the box yellow.  
  6. Make shoulder straps by cutting four three-inch squares from reserved cardboard. Cut ribbon to create shoulder straps – ours measured up to 14 inches long). Use cardboard squares to sandwich the ribbon to the interior of the box, securing with hot glue. 

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