Use Genuine Aprilaire Replacement Parts for Top Performance

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but knock-offs aren’t always on par with the original. As the trusted leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for over 60 years, Aprilarie knows a thing or two about delivering a healthy home to you and your family.

If you trust Aprilaire products in your in home, it’s important to keep them running with Genuine Aprilarie Replacement Parts to ensure maximum performance.  Only Aprilaire replacement parts come with the Pure Fit Promise.

Aprilaire air filters come with the Pure Fit Promise.

Why use Genuine?

Aprilaire humidifiers and air cleaners require an annual replacement of their water panel and air filter, respectively. These components are the heart of the product and their designs are patented. While you may find filters and water panels in stores that claim to offer the same performance, don’t trust your family’s health to anyone but the experts.

The benefits of using Genuine Aprilaire Replacement Parts:

As summer winds down and you get ready to have your HVAC system tuned up for the winter, make sure your contractor replaces your air filter with genuine parts. You can also purchase the correct replacement filters and water panels direct from Aprilaire.