The History of Aprilaire: Innovations in Indoor Air Quality

Aprilaire: Our History

People have always wanted to be comfortable and healthy indoors. From living in cooled caves,to building cabins shaded by trees, to installing air conditioners in homes. The pursuit of a better living environment has consistently been a part of human life. The only thing that changes is the technology. Let’s take a look at the history of Aprilaire, our technology, and how we’ve continued to improve the health and comfort of people’s homes.

Aprilaire: The Beginning 

Our story began in 1938 with the formation of Research Products Corporation, the parent company of Aprilaire. We started up in Madison, Wisconsin after former employees of the Burgess Battery Company purchased patents and buildings from their old employer. Their goal: Specializing in building materials and products that condition water.

These products increased in demand during wartime in the early 1940s and allowed the company to expand. A new direction was needed after the end of the war.

Aprilaire: From Water to Air

Starting in 1954, the company switched some of its focus to indoor air quality by introducing the first truly effective whole-home humidifier. This was a game-changer for Research Products and for homes across the country.

Seasons are harsh in Wisconsin. Research Products employees experienced and sympathized with the effects of dry winter air. That led to the creation of humidification solutions, which became the first indoor air quality products branded with the Aprilaire name.

Aprilalire Madison History

Aprilaire Expansion

The humidifier became popular quickly and shortly after its introduction, the company expanded into more buildings in Madison and purchased land about 25 miles north in the village of Poynette, Wisconsin.

It was also around this time that Research Products began looking for other areas of investment. In 1963, they were awarded a patent for an air-to-air solar heating system. This forward-thinking approach has stayed with the Aprilaire brand ever since.

Aprilaire: New Technology and Rebranding

In 1989, Aprilaire introduced the first automatic humidifier control, setting the stage for modern humidistats.

In 2000, all installed air quality products would bear the Aprilaire name.

Aprilaire continued to perfect and innovate with products like air purifiers, ventilation systems, temperature control units, and dehumidifiers. Plus, a full line of humidifiers for a range of different applications.

Aprilaire: Today and Tomorrow

Aprilaire is still based in Madison, Wisconsin and remains committed to providing innovative indoor air quality solutions through research, engineering, product refinement, and practical experience.

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