Make this your last worst allergy season ever

Avoid Allergies with Aprilaire

Are your allergies worse every year? While pollen levels and symptoms can vary from season to season, you may suffer from a short memory versus an actual increase in the severity of your allergies.

Because symptoms may not be present for much of the year, it’s easy to forget how miserable you feel in the springtime! As July approaches, many people with seasonal allergies may find their comfort level is quickly improving. Make no mistake, though, the pollen will be back next year and so will the sniffles, sneezes and host of other symptoms.

So, how can you make next year more bearable? Just like in sports, the best offense is a good defense. And, it’s easier to prevent a fire than put one out. And of course, knowledge is power. In case all these old adages aren’t doing the trick, here’s some more-to-the-point ideas for feeling better next year.

Tip 1 to avoid allergies: See an allergist

Before the pollen starts flying next spring, visit an allergist to learn exactly what types of it you’re allergic too. You can then follow detailed pollen reports and better prepare on days when you know your top allergens are high! If your allergies are somewhat limited, you may even be a candidate for allergy shots (immunotherapy), which greatly reduces symptoms in some people. Unless of course you’re afraid needles, in which case allergy shots may not sound like a great treatment option!

Tip 2 to avoid allergies: Take medication before the season starts

If you rely on allergy medicines to get through the spring, don’t wait until the season starts to begin taking them. Oral antihistamines are more powerful if you’ve been taking them for a few weeks and most nasal steroids require that you begin up to six weeks before symptoms start. It’s best to discuss these medications with an allergist and if your doctor writes you a script, you can often get these great solutions at much less than the OTC price. Less symptoms and more cash in your pocket – that’s nothing to sneeze at! Seriously, you’ll sneeze less…

Tip 3 to avoid allergies: Don’t let allergens take up residence in your home

Most seasonal allergens are airborne – pollen, pet dander, mold spores – so protecting the air you breathe is a great line of defense against fighting allergy symptoms while you’re inside. A whole-home air purifier is an extremely effective way of removing allergy triggers from your house. Installed as part of your HVAC system, these solutions scrub your air of pollen by circulating the air through a high-efficiency pleated filter. You won’t see or hear the purifier – but you’ll know it’s working when your nose stops running!

Calling an HVAC professional today is a great way to prepare for next year’s allergy season. They can recommend a whole-home solution for you that will not only reduce allergy symptoms but also help protect your home and expensive HVAC system!

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