How-to Change Your Water Panel

Proper maintenance of your humidifier is essential to avoiding winter dry air in your home. The majority of our humidifiers require a water panel change once a year, right before the heating season. Changing the water panel is relatively easy and similar to replacing the air filter in your car.

The Basics

The basic procedure is to turn off the water, remove the cover of the humidifier, pull out the old water panel and drop in a new one. Regardless of the age of your humidifier, it will take one of four Aprilaire Water Panels: 10, 12, 35, or 45. See the chart below to determine which water panel is correct for you humidifier. You can also view the owner’s manual on our website.

Aprilaire Model No. Water Panel Stock No.
110 220 500 500A 500M 550 550A 558 No. 10
112 224 440 445 445A No. 12
350 360 560 568 600 600A 600M 700 700A 700M 760 768 No. 35
400 400A 400M No. 45

You can order the correct water panel at our e-store.

The Technicalities

Each humidifier does have some unique steps you many encounter when changing the water panel, or other additional maintenance.  The best way to make sure you’re installing it correctly is to use the instructions printed on the back of the water panel carton. These detailed instructions are just one more benefit to using genuine Aprilaire parts, manufactured by us in Wisconsin. The instructions are also in the manual, along with our maintenance recommendations.

The Solution

Remember, if you have trouble changing your water panel or simply don’t want to, Aprilaire has a network of partner dealers who can do it for you. Some dealers can even make your water panel change part of their annual clean and check of your heating system so you’ll never need to think about it again! Now, that’s easy!

5 thoughts on “How-to Change Your Water Panel”

  1. I have humidifier model : 110. I have to change water filter. Advise whom to call. I am from Queens, New York. My zip code is 11350. Thank you so very much

  2. I ordered #10 from Amazon twice and both look to be used – i.e. filter shows white sand/rocks/calcium deposit accumulation and has yellow mark on top/side of the filter.

    Product pictures on Amazon and everywhere else happen to show same remarks so I’m wondering if the filters are supposed to be used and if so, why???

    1. Hi Vic,

      That is a coating that helps prevent scale buildup. The paint stripe you see is to denote the top of water panel. A used water panel will be more of a dark gray.

      Thank you!

  3. Where can I get a replacement water panel for an Aprilaire humidifier Model No. 60? What is the panel called (model number or other identifier?) Thanks.

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