Energy Savings Cheat Sheet

Energy Savings Cheat Sheet

There are many things every homeowner can do to improve energy savings. Improved energy efficiency has many benefits including lower utility bills, extending the life of some home appliances and a positive impact on the environment.

Try some of these energy savings tips to lower the burden on your checkbook this year.

Turn Off Lights and Appliances 

A simple, and often overlooked, way to control energy costs is to be more mindful of when and where you are drawing power. Unless you’re sitting in a room, there is no reason to have the light on. If family members have a hard time remembering to shut off lights — try a motion sensing switch. Devices like TVs and computers should also be turned off when not in use. Not only does this save energy, but may expand the life of the device.

Dress for the Weather — Even Indoors!

You and your family should be comfortable in your home. However, don’t rely just on the thermostat to warm up. You can keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature by wearing socks, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt indoors when it’s cold out. If it’s not shorts and t-shirt weather outside, then it shouldn’t be inside either.

Using a whole-home humidifier ensures that your home is properly humidified and even allows you to feel warmer at lower temperatures.

Use a Programmable or Smart Thermostat 

A heating and air conditioning schedule ensures you aren’t paying to improve comfort in an unoccupied space. Our Wi-Fi thermostats are the best option for many homeowners as they provide control from anywhere on a mobile device. Wi-Fi programmable thermostats provide $180/year in savings compared to their non-programmable counterparts. They also allow peace-of-mind, because you can monitor humidity and temperature conditions in your home even when you’re not there.

Replace Furnace Filters with High-Efficiency Solutions

Air conditioners and heaters need to work harder to pull air through filters that have passed their prime. Conversely, too little filtration can also freeze coils and clog blower motors, damaging equipment and using more energy. Whole-home air purifiers with high-efficiency media can help save money on heating and cooling all year.

Use Energy Savings Settings

Dishwashers and laundry equipment often have energy-efficient settings. Don’t overlook these features. Swapping hot water for cold in the washing machine or skipping the ‘heated dry’ option on the dishwasher can add up overtime.

Visit Aprilaire for more energy savings tips and to learn more about whole-home solutions for health, comfort and preservation of the home.

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