How-to Stay Healthy This Winter — Inside and Out

A Guide to Stay Healthy this Winter

There is plenty to love about winter; snow days, the holidays, ice skating, sledding. However, there is also plenty to prepare for. Make sure you and your family can enjoy all that winter has to offer while staying comfortable and healthy by keeping these cold weather tips top-of-mind.

Stay healthy this winter
Keep the family healthy this winter with these health tips.

Avoid Illness and Discomfort by Being Prepared

Everyone knows winter is prime time for viral infections. From cold to influenza, we’re more likely to get sick when temperatures outside (and humidity inside) fall. Here’s how to avoid colds and flu this winter:

  • Keep Clean: Parents Magazine recommends being sure to practice proper hand-washing (lathering up for at least 30 seconds) to prevent illness. Families can also protect against spreading the flu by tossing toothbrushes and washing bed linen after someone in the house has been sick.
  • Stay Hydrated: While we feel less thirsty in the winter, it’s still important to drink plenty of fluids because dehydration can make you more prone to getting sick. Your home’s air can also get thirsty and flu viruses are more infectious in dry air. A whole-home humidifier is a must-have to stay healthy indoors by keeping indoor humidity above 40 percent.
  • Get a Flu Shot: For most people, the flu shot is entirely safe and effective. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that most people — especially children and the elderly — get vaccinated as the best first line defense against seasonal influenza.

Keep Your Home Safe from Winter Weather

Your family’s health isn’t the only thing that can use a boost during the winter months. Your home itself can also succumb to the ill effects of dry air, cold temperatures and blizzard conditions. Beware of these ways your home can become “sick” in the winter.

  • Damaged Wood Floors and Furnishings: The wood floors, trim and instruments in your house can all be damaged by air that is too dry. Floors can crack, cup and ultimately need replacing. Expensive instruments are damaged and easily fall out of tune. A whole-home humidifier can help keep indoor relative humidity levels in the proper range for home preservation.
  • A Bloated Energy Bill: Without the right control, energy bills can skyrocket in the winter. A programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat can help ensure your family stays comfortable without breaking the bank. Our Wi-Fi thermostats with IAQ control can save $180 a year in energy costs.

Don’t let winter woes keep you and yours from enjoying the lighter side of the colder season. Find an Aprilaire expert near you.

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