Aprilaire Humidifiers Add Comfort and Health

Humidifiers add comfort & health

Comfort and health inside our homes are dependent on many factors.  However, health and comfort indoors is about more than temperature and hygiene. The amount of moisture in the air plays a significant role in how you and your family feels inside. When the air in your house is thirsty, it dries out of your skin, eyes, nose and mouth. Nose bleeds, dry eyes, sore throat and even increased colds or flu may be some of the ways your home is letting you know it’s suffering from dry air. The best solution for those symptoms is a whole-home humidifier.

Photo of woman putting eye drops in her eye
Dry eyes are just one of many symptoms that your house might have a dry air problem.

Is dry air a problem for your family?

If you heat your home in the winter and you don’t have a humidifier, then dry air is certainly a problem. People with underlying conditions aggravated by dry air may notice the symptoms more than others — but humidification levels impact everyone. For example, if your house does not have a humidifier then expensive damage to wood floors, molding and trim, and investments like musical instruments is likely. Humidity levels throughout the house that are between 30–60 percent are ideal for health, comfort and home preservation.

Choosing the right humidifier solution.

Some homeowners may sleep with a portable humidifier in their bedroom or place one in a common area during winter. However, these smaller units often require a lot of maintenance to ensure they’re working safely and efficiently. Furthermore, most portable units do not have the capacity to humidify the entire house during the driest times of the year. To battle dry air in every room, homeowners should consider a whole-home humidifier.

Installed into the HVAC system duct work (or used with a fan pack) whole-home humidifiers are plumbed to the homes water supply, so there is no filling containers every day. Whole-home humidifiers also feature automatic control, so homeowners can manage their comfort and health with ease. The only maintenance is the periodic changing of a water panel or steam canister.

Find an expert near you to determine the best whole-home solution to preserver your family’s health this winter.

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