Tips to Stay Warm


We all tend to reach for the thermostat when the house gets a little chilly, but sometimes thicker socks or some hot tea is more than enough. Before you crank the heat, try some simple tips for staying warm while also saving electricity. And don’t forget that proper humidity control can also make your house more comfortable at lower temperatures.

2 thoughts on “Tips to Stay Warm”

  1. Is it proper for my new humidifier to come on before the furnace comes on and then go off in a few seconds and come back on when the furnace starts and stay on for a longer time? It seems to me like that is going to where it out in short order. Also it is much nosier than the Trane furnace its self.

    1. Dear Lynn,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience your experiencing with your Aprilaire humidifier. The unit should not shut off and restart once the main furnace blower starts to run. This can be caused by the humidistat being in a location in which the sensor is being falsely triggered before the furnace blower motor starts to move the air in the duct work causing to start and stop. We reached out to you via email, If you can email back a picture we can review the situation and come up with a resolution for you.

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