Seasonal Maintenance: Prepare for Spring to Keep an Energy Efficient Home

Seasonal Maintenance

The change of seasons triggers homeowners. Not just an allergy trigger but as triggers to remind them when to do seasonal maintenance on their homes. Spring seasonal maintenance includes: cleaning gutters, downspouts, and heating and cooling systems. It’s also a good idea to check your weatherstripping too.

It’s critical to change your furnace and air conditioning filter as recommended by the manufacturer. If you don’t, your air conditioner compressor can freeze up due to an excessive amount of dirt and grime. If you want a sure-fire way to shorten the life of your expensive heating and cooling system, be sure to ignore changing your dirty filter.

Seasonal Maintenance: Changing your air filter

In addition to regularly changing your filter, you can provide better protection of your equipment and at the same time maintain cleaner and healthier indoor air. Aprilaire high efficiency air purifiers can be installed to replace your standard 1” or 2” system filter. The benefits of higher efficiency include:

  •     Trap airborne allergens at a much higher rate than standard filters
  •     Prevent more dust and grime from entering and clogging your HVAC system
  •     Reduce the amount of dust that blows throughout your home through the system ductwork
  •     Maintain long-term protection, energy efficiency and operation of expensive HVAC equipment

Seasonal Maintenance: Event-Based Air Cleaning

To get the most out of air cleaning, Aprilaire offers homeowners a simple-to-program thermostat featuring Event-Based ™ Air Cleaning that allows them to actively clean the air in their entire home based on personal preference and event triggers. Event-Based Air Cleaning also provides other conveniences such as indicators that air cleaning is taking place as well as maintenance reminders.

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