Ragweed is one of the most common environmental allergens.

Ragweed pollen triggers asthma and causes hay fever, especially in children and the elderly. Ragweed grows throughout the U.S., most commonly in the east and Midwest in rural areas. Allergy season usually peaks in late summer and early fall, but these plants often continue to produce pollen until the first frost.

A single ragweed plant can produce up to a billion pollen grains in one season, and these grains can be carried long distances by the wind.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), come late summer, 10 to 20 percent of Americans suffer from an allergy to ragweed pollen. Ragweed causes 75 percent of all hay fever.

Symptoms of Ragweed Pollen Allergy

The symptoms of ragweed allergy to ragweed pollen—also known as hay fever, allergic rhinitis (AR), outdoor allergies, seasonal allergies or nasal allergies—include:

  • Violent sneezing, coughing or wheezing
  • Severe nasal or sinus congestion
  • Itchy nose and throat
  • Postnasal drip
  • Swollen, watery and itchy eyes
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Difficulty breathing

Many people stay indoors when ragweed pollen counts are high. Unfortunately, poor indoor air may contribute to their suffering.

The air inside our homes can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. Six out of 10 people are exposed to pollen trapped indoors. -Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Aprilaire Can Help You Get Relief from Ragweed Pollen

Aprilaire can provide your family with whole-home indoor air quality solutions that can help remove ragweed pollen, making your home healthier—and more comfortable.

Our whole-home air purifiers can trap up to 99% of airborne pollen as well as mold and spore-sized particles, which can also trigger allergic reactions.

Our whole-home ventilation solutions exchange air filled with ragweed pollen and other allergens with clean, allergen-free outside air.

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