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Why You Need A Termite Inspection Gap For Your Home

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The only reason most people want pests in their homes is if they are part of a collection. Getting rid of a termite infestation can be difficult because they are small and subsequently hard to find, but despite their flimsy stature pests can be quite destructive and resilient. They can chew away at your home’s structure and be a nuisance to contain once they have entered your home. Termites alone are a five billion dollar industry annually and a nominal termite inspection combined with typical structural damage can cost around $8,000.

Preventing Termite Infestation

The best way to prevent an infestation is to maintain humidity control. Not only is humidity control important for your health and your home’s health, but it is also an important tool to utilize against pests. Both ants and termites love good sources of moisture and coagulate around areas of high humidity. This is why you’ll find many pests in your bathroom, kitchens, and basements. Daily activities like laundry and showering add moisture to our homes. Fortunately for us, pests have thin layers of skin and are unable to survive in areas with low humidity making it harder for them to reproduce and populate to create another infestation.

Using An AprilAire Dehumidifier Against Pests

An AprilAire Dehumidifier makes it easy to maintain the perfect humidity in your house, basement, and/or crawlspace.  Depending on your needs, an AprilAire Dehumidifier can remove from 70-130 pints or pounds of water from your home per day helping dry out the air to help create a more comfortable environment for the inhabitants. This also will help dry out the air making an environment nearly impossible for pests to survive. Our dehumidifiers have a five-year warranty, do not come with any messy water trays to empty, and are designed and manufactured in the United States. They also can be accessed through our external control to help you maintain the best relative humidity.

Along with installing an AprilAire Dehumidifier, our crawlspace and basement team offer several other options to help. Our dealers can waterproof your basement. This reduces moisture from the ground moving into your house and causing damage to your floors or furnishings.  We can do the same with your crawlspace to make sure it stays moisture-free to prevent pests and protects your home.

Termite Inspection Gap

A termite inspection gap is important for you to make sure that there is no infestation or structural damage. Termite inspections are an integral part of the home buying and selling process. An inspection gap makes those inspections simpler. The Department of Veteran Affairs or Federal Housing Authority loan requires a termite inspection gap.

To set-up an appointment with our contractors to moisture and pest-proof your basement. Stop pests before they take a bite out of your home.

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