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3 Reasons to Get a Room Air Purifier for your Apartment or Office

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Does a room air purifier work? Most people have no clue that their apartment or office is likely littered with indoor air pollution. Based on the sheer volume of indoor air pollutants dwelling in our homes, yes, air purification is beneficial. In fact, just one cubic foot of indoor air can have more than 30 million pollutants including dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander. A room purifier gives your apartment that supplemental burst of fresh air, no matter the situation, and helps deter the pollutants that can affect your lung health.

Portable air purifiers help clean and filter the air in your office and apartment.


Just above, you learned that the air in your apartment or office is littered with pollutants like dust, mold, and more. On top of that, here’s another gigantic number: about 40,000 dust mites can live in just one ounce of dust. Not only is that a bit creepy to think about, but these dust mites can increase the chance of asthma development.

A room air purifier can help alleviate your apartment of these pollutants, especially in high-traffic areas where pollutants are more likely to get kicked up.


Doesn’t it seem like the more we talk about “allergy seasons,” the more it seems as though dealing with allergies is a year-long endeavor? From hay fever in the spring to ragweed in the fall, various types of allergies can pop up throughout the year, leading to discomfort. In fact, some people even suffer from allergies in the winter when their windows are closed and they’re shut in with their allergens.

In addition to keeping a cleaner home or office, those with respiratory conditions will want to use a room air purifier.

If you suffer from allergies, a room air purifier filters pollen, dust, and other allergens


Did you know that there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet? Some pets simply produce less allergens than others. Additionally, contrary to what many believe, an allergic reaction to pets typically is not caused by an animal’s fur or hair. In fact, pet allergies are largely due to pet saliva, urine, and dander.

That said, we’d never tell a pet owner to disown their precious pets. They’re part of the family! Instead, use an air purifier to help clean the air and even reduce pet odors.

For those who live in smaller dorms, rentals, or simply don’t have a whole-home air purifier installed, a room air purifier is a perfect way to add a supplemental burst of fresh air all year long.

Additional Benefits for Room Air Purifiers

  • Rooms that aren’t well ventilated
  • When renovations are being made and dust or dirt tracks into your home
  • When moving into or out of a new home as dust that’s settled is likely to kick up
  • In high-traffic pet areas
  • When painting, gluing, or enjoying hobbies that require using products that produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • In damp and musty rooms that may be breeding grounds for mold

In addition to supplemental air purification, a room air purifier can be beneficial to most of us throughout the year.

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