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Are Your Radon Levels Safe? Radon Test Kits Are Key in Radon Detection

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Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that is produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water. Odorless and colorless, radon detection can be difficult. But as the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, resulting in over 20,000 deaths yearly in the United States alone, it’s important to keep radon on your radar!

Are Your Radon Levels Safe?

Elevated radon levels can occur in any home, no matter where you live. Once radon enters your home, it can accumulate to dangerous levels. While experts typically consider radon levels 4 p/CiL or higher an unsafe recommended action level, it’s dangerous to truly consider any radon levels safe. Radon detection is necessary to assess your home’s risk level, as your property may require mitigation.

Radon Detection Through Radon Test Kits

Radon detection is only possible through testing. With the right radon test kits, you can assess your home’s current radon level and seek support if your levels are elevated.

To make radon detection accessible to all, we created easy-to-use radon test kits that come with everything you need to test your home for radon!

Using AprilAire Short-Term Radon Test Kits

See just how easy we make radon detection through AprilAire Short-Term Radon Test Kits!

Once you receive your AprilAire Short-Term Radon Test Kit, fill out the included information card before testing your home. Hang the kit at breathing level in the lowest used area of your home (for some, a basement is an optimal location).

Once hung, expose the kit to your air for 3–7 days. After this time period, remove the kit, record all required information, and seal the test. Once sealed, mail back your test kit using the included prepaid postage.

A third-party lab will then analyze your sample, and radon detection results will be available for you to review on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. If the AprilAire Short-Term Radon Test Kit results show elevated levels of radon in your home, you can take action right away. Contact your local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional to learn all about radon mitigation solutions.

Protect Your Home and Test for Radon

Radon is the #1 one cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. The only way to know if you’re being exposed is to test.

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