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Humidifiers for Babies: What We Consider Ideal Humidity for Baby Health

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Being a new parent can raise many questions—from nutrition habits and sleeping patterns to exploring some of the top products that promote your baby’s overall wellness. There’s a lot to consider, including ensuring your home’s humidity level is at the ideal humidity for baby health.

In the wintertime, adults and older children can be directly impacted by dry air and low humidity levels . . . but what about babies? Humidifiers for babies can help you achieve an ideal humidity for baby (and whole house) health!

Dry Air & Newborn Health Impacts

Winter air usually brings about low moisture levels, which can cause our nasal passages to dry out more easily. Dry winter air also invites viruses and bacteria into our air for longer periods of time. Together, these low humidity impacts leave us all prone to illnesses—increasing our chances of catching colds, flus, and more unwanted infections.

Because babies are more vulnerable to moisture loss—and considering their airways are much smaller than that of older children and adults—they are particularly sensitive to the drying effects of winter air. Without the promotion of ideal humidity for baby health at home, your newborn is more likely to develop bloody noses, cracked skin, and frequent illness, which can lead to severe complications.

Could poor humidity control be the answer to your baby’s health issues? Here are some of the noticeable impacts you may discover if your home contains less than ideal humidity for baby health.

Cracked Skin

Babies have sensitive skin to begin with, which can lead it to dry out easier. With a good moisturizer or lotion, paired with humidifiers for babies, can help their skin maintain proper moisture.

Irritated Sinuses

Be aware of any signs of blood or bleeding in the nasal passage. This is a sure sign that your baby’s nose is likely dry or irritated, which can impact newborn health and make them more vulnerable to winter illnesses. Humidifiers for babies can help replenish their airways! With an AprilAire Whole-House Humidifier, you can maintain ideal humidity for baby health. Pair with saline nasal spray for a happier, healthier season.

Always consult with your child’s primary healthcare provider for expert guidance before starting treatment.

Respiratory Concerns

Coughing, congestion, and difficulty breathing—oh, my! The American Academy of Pediatrics can offer helpful tips on what to do when your baby is suffering from an upper respiratory illness. While humidifiers for babies can help ease symptoms, it’s important to direct any questions or concerns to your primary physician.

Body Temperature Changes

Babies are not able to handle cold temperatures as well as older child and adults can. If temperatures and wind chills are below freezing, be sure to limit the time your baby spends outdoors. Humidifiers for babies can help keep them comfortable and cozy inside your Healthy Home!

If going out is necessary, be sure your baby has on the right layers that don’t interfere with car seat harnesses.

Ideal Humidity for Baby Health

What are the best conditions to ensure your newborn is happy and healthy? The EPA recommends, no matter our age or environment, to keep indoor humidity levels between 40–60%* for optimal protection! Investing in humidifiers for babies is a great way to ensure you’re home has ideal humidity for baby health.

An AprilAire Whole-House Humidifier is a quiet, yet powerful, solution—ready to conquer all your low humidity concerns!

In addition to maintaining ideal humidity for baby health and wellness, there are several tips and tricks you can implement as a parent to ensure your baby stays healthy year-round. Good nutrition and a healthy diet can help improve the strength of your baby’s immune system, while good sleep can also help keep them healthy and regulated—especially during the holiday season. Lastly, proper hygiene is a must! While your baby may not be able to wash their own hands, be sure to wash, wipe, or disinfect your baby’s hands regularly to stop the spread of illness.

For more information regarding humidifiers for babies, reach out to your local AprilAire Healthy Air Pro for recommendations, support, and more!

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*While balanced humidity exists between 40 and 60%, it’s important to remember that outdoor temperature and other home factors will impact what relative humidity level is attainable and recommended for your house. Talk with your AprilAire Healthy Air Professional to learn more.

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