AprilAire Introduces New, Best-in-Class, Professional-Grade Thermostats

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AprilAire Introduces New, Best-in-Class, Professional-Grade Thermostats

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-Three New Thermostat Models Feature Intuitive Display, Navigation, and Setup, IAQ Controls, and Wi-Fi—Easy Installation, Easy Programming and Easy to Use-

MADISON, Wis. (Oct. 28, 2022) – AprilAire, the nationwide leader in professional-grade Healthy Air solutions for the home since 1954, has just launched a new line of IAQ thermostats, the S86 series, featuring intuitive navigation and ease of use from installation to programming to everyday use. The series, launched this week to AprilAire professional partners, includes a model with Wi-Fi remote access and control through the AprilAire Healthy Air app. All models offer color display, capacitive touch interface, real language setup, basic and advanced installer settings, and menu style navigation.

“With our teams’ commitment to innovation as well as understanding our customers’ needs and perfecting the S86 series, I am confident we are introducing the very best new thermostats that marry off-the-charts ease of use with superior functionality,” said Jimmy Pendley, president of AprilAire.

The S86 series is easy to install with real language menus, basic and advanced HVAC installer settings, programmable and non-programmable options, and is home automation capable. The programming on the new thermostats is unparalleled with an intuitive interface to accommodate settings for individual days or seven days a week. Paired with a fan circulation mode and special features like a progressive recovery option to ensure proper temperatures for the start of an event or a convenient Heat Blast® option to raise the room temperature 3° to 5° F, there is immediate comfort and quick agility from the S86 series. Homeowners will find it easy and simple to use with a capacitive touch interface, an intuitive navigation menu, and easy-to-read color graphical display that shows room temperature, humidity, temperature setting, and outdoor temperature.

The three models in the S86 series include Multi-Stage Universal, Multi-Stage Universal with IAQ which offers ventilation, dehumidifier or humidifier controls, and Wi-Fi Multi-Stage Universal with IAQ which offers convenient control no matter where a homeowner is through the AprilAire Healthy Air app. Professional partners can find all product specifications here.

The new thermostats are the newest products in AprilAire’s suite of Healthy Air innovations for homes nationwide, led by the company’s signature solution, the AprilAire Healthy Air System®, a set-it-and-forget-it, whole house system for all-in-one fresh air ventilation, air purification, humidity control, zoning, control, and radon mitigation which are all essential to maintaining proper indoor air quality. To find the right solution for their residence, homeowners should contact their local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional for a consultation.

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