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Aprilaire 210 Air Filters

Aprilaire 210 Air Filters are designed by Aprilaire for best efficiency and performance.

  • Aprilaire 210 Air Filters fit the Aprilaire Model 1210 Air Purifier

  • High-efficiency MERV 11 rating

  • Genuine Aprilaire Self-Seal™ #210 ensures the best performance

  • Change Aprilaire 210 Air Filters once a year

The replacement filter 213 can also be used with the Aprilaire Model 1210 Air Purifier to remove finer particulate from the air stream for those suffering with asthma or allergies.

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  • Trust Genuine Aprilaire® Filters for best fit and efficiency.




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  • 210 Media Review

    Posted by: John Robinson


    Our house was of new construction when we bought it 21 years ago. This is Maryland so heat pump ac/heat was the only option. The first installation included an electro static device that failed and was replaced with low end panel filters which where changed monthly, big mistake. We have five cats. The condenser unit failed due an accumulation of cat hair and other debris in the coils. Retrofitting the electro static unit with cheap flat panel filters turned out to be a $1,800 bad idea. The Aprilaire air cleaner was installed when the condenser unit was installed at the suggestion of our heat pump technician. Good move. I've recently changed the original filter after 6 months. When I opened the unit while installing the new media I was presented with a softball size hairball. I was able to discern that the main contributor was our 15 pound Maine Coon mix, all black very long hair who I had rescued from our back yard after being injured by a raccoon. I examined the used media very carefully and I will be changing it on a 4 month cycle. The design of this unit and media is elegant and extremely effective. I regret that I was not aware of this product from the very beginning. One suggestion, it would be nice if the unit included pressure sensitive labels that can be applied externally and optionally by the end user that indicate the unit model and media replacement numbers. Another label that indicate the months when media replacement is due would be useful.

  • Air filter

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Easy to Order. and install.

  • Excellent service

    Posted by: Nancy Agarwal


    Received a reminder via email that it was time to change my filter and was able to order the replacement with just a click. So convenient and it arrived promptly.

  • Aprilaire Air Cleaner filters

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Great service

  • replacement of Aprilaire Air Cleaner

    Posted by: Ed Arnone


    If you read all the reviews, I could have written any of them.

  • Great filter, great price, no problem

    Posted by: Greg


    Online purchase was easy and fast. SHipped immediately. Works for me!


    Posted by: G. GUERRA



  • Easy Online Ordering and Quick Delivery

    Posted by: I Perry


    Online ordering was quick and delivery was prompt. So glad to have found your website.

  • filters

    Posted by: Spreelax2


    exactly what I needed and replacement was easy. Much cheaper then the local heating and cooling people wanted. Good service on the phone .

  • Happy with purchase

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Very happy to find the filter I needed on line and didn't have to find a store to go to. The free shipping was a huge added bonus and made the decision to buy here easy. I got my order quickly and correctly and got it installed very easily. Absolutely no hassles and that's what I like!

  • Thanks

    Posted by: Gary V


    I received the product, as ordered, in less than half the time that I expected it to take.

  • Filter Changeout

    Posted by: jpfcoury@cox.com


    Installed 11/10. No Problems. Pasted "Change Out label" to door. Marked Label with an arrow to aid installing the filter properly

  • Service

    Posted by: LW


    Excellent service, quick response.

  • Quick Order completion

    Posted by: WB


    Excellent delivery

  • Great Customer Service

    Posted by: Winnie24


    I ordered this on a Monday and already received it by Wednesday, did not ask for express service could not believe it came so quickly. The cost was no more than going to the store even with the shipping charges. Great Service!

  • Review

    Posted by: mprabhu


    I bought a replacement filter online from Aprilaire's web site. My experience was positive & I was completely satisfied by their proffesionalism.

  • 210 Filter

    Posted by: scotch2@verizon.net


    Very pleased with product Fast and efficient shipping Easy install...saved a service call Thanks

  • Replacement filters

    Posted by: Anonymous


    I was amazed at how quickly my order was processed and delivered. Excellent service.

  • thanks for your quick response

    Posted by: William Chadney


    I just wanted to let you know that your online service was quick and easy, I appreciate how fast I received my replacement filter.

  • My Experience

    Posted by: Pete Smith


    I bought the wrong filters and customer service couldn't have been nicer. They helped me thru the return process and helped me with the info for the correct filter. I bought the correct Aprilaire filters for $25 less at another online location. You, Aprilaire estore, were not competitive.

  • Replacement Filter

    Posted by: Vicki


    It is much easier to order on-line than to find a heating contractor who sells the filters to the public. I'm very glad that I found your site and have been very pleased with the order process and how quickly I receive the filters when I order.

  • #210 Aprilaire replacement filter.

    Posted by: rkaiser7084@sbcglobal.net


    My shipment arrived quickly, and everything was in proper condition!

  • model 2210 replacement filter

    Posted by: c roth


    The order was timely, and correct.

  • This filter really works

    Posted by: Phil Lakota


    This is the first home I have owned that required an Aprilaire filter. I need to replace it twice a year due to the fact that I have a pet hair issue in my house but it is the best filter system I have ever used.

  • Replacement Filter for Model 2210

    Posted by: Stephen Juengst


    Filters are Very Good, they [3] help to keep our home clean for both summer and winter.

  • On line purchase

    Posted by: JRL


    I ordered the media 201 replacement filter for my furnaces. The online experience was very good, the quality of service excellent and the value very good relative to the cost. I hope Aprilaire continues to provide replacement parts for the older models well into the future.

  • Filter for model 2210

    Posted by: Norman R. Mason


    Ordering and receiving the panels was fine, and installation went all right. I would like to get one of your new kits for easier installation of this filter, but feel it is much too expensive for me.

  • Great Service

    Posted by: Craig


    I have ordered from them several times-never a problem! Highly recommended!

  • So easy I forgot I'd even replaced it.

    Posted by: Lynnette Siteman


    I think of good service when everything goes so smoothly that I don't remember even having to take advantage of it (service). The filter arrived quickly with very clear instructions.

  • Great way to save

    Posted by: D Schuster


    so glad to fine these so we can save a house call to replace them Thanks for great service.

  • 210 Aprilaire Replacement Filter for Model 2210

    Posted by: Ron


    I ordered through the internet site, it came quickly and was easy to install. I think this is my third replacement filter, 5 stars to them!!

  • Great Product!

    Posted by: john


    We've been using 210 Aprilaire Model 2210 filters in a pair of units for many years. They have served us well in our heating/cooling system.

  • Filter

    Posted by: Dave N


    The filters got here in good time and fit perfectly

  • Satisfied with service

    Posted by: Phil Lakota


    The Aprilaire product I ordered works well and I am happy with it. However the service I recieved during the return process is what I am most pleased with. I felt that I got relatively personalized service and my issue was handled in an efficient manner.

  • why I bought new replacement filters

    Posted by: Carol Strohsahl


    I had to pay to have someone change the original filter. He told me other customers buy them through the computer, so I bought a couple of them for the next 2 years.

  • Customer Comment

    Posted by: J. M. Ritter (jmritterii@netzero.net)


    1-Fourth filter order since 2250 was installed. Most recent filter lasted 2 years. Product and service; ++. 2-Why is the current filter upgrade not compatible with the 2250?

  • replacement filter

    Posted by: lhill


    prompt delivery quality product

  • Good Product

    Posted by: Peter


    Good Product & Fast Delivery

  • Customer Service & Product

    Posted by: Joyce R. Butler


    The service I received and the company that takes care of my air conditioners received when they called you, was outstanding. All of you were so helpful and helped us decide what product to order. We new you had a new Aprilaire filer, but it does not fit our system. Aprilaire is the best filter system. I am an asthmatic and my husband also has allergy problems, and your filters seem to help both of us. Again, thanks for being so helpful.