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Aprilaire 201 Air Filters

Aprilaire 201 Air Filters are designed for Aprilaire Air Purifiers to ensure peak efficiency. Aprilaire 201 Air Filters fit the Air Purifier Model 2250 and Model 2200.

  • Aprilaire 201 Air Filters have a high-efficiency MERV 10 rating    

  • Lasts one to two years (Depending on the operation of your heating and/or air conditioning system)

NEW UPGRADE KIT: Get an easy-to-install upgrade filter kit for the Model 2200 and remove nearly two times more contaminants from your home.

If you already installed the upgrade kit to your Aprilaire Model 2200 air purifier, here is the 213 filter you can purchase today.

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  • Trust Genuine Aprilaire® Filters for best fit and efficiency.

  • An upgrade kit is available to improve efficiency.




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  • purchase

    Posted by: loureba


    everything was as ordered. would buy again.


    Posted by: JERRY DEL VECCHIO



  • Happy customer

    Posted by: Lonnie Williams


    I ordered 2 replacement filters, was happy wih the discount for ordering 2. Received then in a couple days, had one installed when my unit was serviced. I any very pleased with the entire process. Thanks Aprilaire!!!!!

  • Aprilaire Replacement Media Ordering

    Posted by: D Kemna


    Ordering online was a snap and I received my order the next day. Can't beat that service.

  • All went very well...

    Posted by: Steve from San Jose


    The order process was made simple given you remembered my profile from my first purchase last year. The delivery time was very acceptable and I really appreciated the special pricing. Thanks.

  • media for model 2200

    Posted by: J. Hull


    My experience ordering and installing the media was straightforward. There was only one glitch with the online system -- it didn't provide free shipping, as promised. But when I contacted customer support, they promptly fixed that. I wish every vendor was as responsive. Bravo!

  • AC filter

    Posted by: Anonymous


    They sales lady was very helpful as they had a deal to get free shiping if I ordered more then one filter and it was discounted if you bought two filters instead of one. After I ordered they credit my charge for the free shipping offer I had discovered.

  • Order placed

    Posted by: RO


    Very quick turn around from the time I placed my order it was at my home in two days.

  • Just what I wanted

    Posted by: PK


    Got just what I wanted and saved some $$ too. Great service. Thank you.

  • Great service

    Posted by: cliff frazer,bay city.mi


    Easy to order,pretty easy to install,liked the special where I got $ 36 dollars off for buying two at the same time.

  • Does What It Is Supposed to Do

    Posted by: ACB


    My order was promptly processed and two Aprilaire 2200 filters were sent to me. I received them within a few days of my order. The filters were replacement filters and they work as advertized. I am very satisfied with aprilair's service and the quality of their products

  • Great!

    Posted by: Dick Jung


    Could not be happier with the product and service.

  • Filter replacement

    Posted by: Mikkets


    Prompt delivery. Easy to order online. Smooth transaction.

  • 201 Media for Models 2200 & 2250 Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Stevie


    Super value - way less than any competing vendors. This product is being phased out for the upgraded media so discount for 2 is incredible. Upgrade gives better filtering and easier changes, but costs about $95. I opted for the cheaper alternative one more time. This media filters well, but could be better. Installation is easy but a little time consuming.

  • Great Service

    Posted by: T.A.P.


    Phone service representative was knowledgeable and helpful. Explained some future options as well. Delivery was prompt. Exceeded expectations.

  • Aprilaire Fliters

    Posted by: Gary and Shannon Davis


    Super fast shipping and very pleasant speaking to on the phone, will order from again. Filters are Great!! thanks Alot :)

  • #201 Media for Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Jackie


    Great product! Have been using it for several years. Easy to install and my allergies are much better now. It was easy to order online and delivery was fast!

  • Great value!

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Fast shipping and the price was way better than what I would have had to pay at a local dealer. Thanks Aprilaire!

  • Reliable Resource!

    Posted by: Louise


    The sales lady who took my order was very cordial and ready to help me make sure I was getting the correct parts and told me my order number and total. It was a positive business experience.

  • #201 Media

    Posted by: Mike O


    We've been pleased with our filter. I would have ordered 4 but the discount pricing only worked when I ordered 2. I like to have several on hand.


    Posted by: J. J. DULISSE


    I have been buying media air filters for about 6 years now. Changing filters once a year over once a month is a no brainer. Cost is worth the better filtration of inside air. I bought 3 filters this year. Good until 2015.

  • Great experience...

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Easy order process, fast shipping, and easy to install.

  • Filter for Model 220

    Posted by: Mishell


    Great service...found a coupon for free shipping and delivery was quick.

  • Simple and Fast

    Posted by: Pat


    Very fast receipt of the filter. They've become so hard to find - thank heavens for you guys!

  • 201 filter purchase

    Posted by: cadyje


    So easy. The ordering and the installation. Great filter. The only thing that would make it better is a promo code or free shipping!

  • Right part, easy install sort of

    Posted by: Jack


    I was very happy with the turn around time. The price was reasonable also. I will have to purchase a new comb though. I was very surprised to see the cost of one though. I have not upgraded to the new filter insert as I believe its to exspensive for what your getting. Over all though I am very satisfied and will purchase again.

  • #201 Media for Models 2200 & 2250 Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Billotpt@aol.com


    Easy to order online; delivered to door; not that hard to install in spite of the aforementioned fingers - first one: hold at a bit of an angle both upward and to then rear;then gently from one side manipulate a fold into spaces of fingers. Place successive fingers close to first and they slide right in place, then slide each of them to its position and snap down. Don't know about the Lowe's version, but it can't be better than Aprilaire. The cost is worth it for family has bad allergy problems and these filters eliminate much of them to save lots of Dr. bills!! A local A/C-Heating Co. charges way more than buying online!! Keep it up Aprilaire!!

  • Filter Purchase

    Posted by: Heidi


    Easy ordering, fast delivery and correct product. Thank you. Would love an email reminder and discount code as well like person above mentioned. Second time purchasing and will be a third.

  • Review of #201?filter media

    Posted by: S.Horvath


    Aprilaire service is great. Media works great

  • air filter

    Posted by: rich


    Great service, good deal, free shipping special. Part was exactly what I ordered. I'll buy one next year.

  • 201 Media for Models

    Posted by: Sherry Walker


    Purchase was quick and easy. Love the convenience. Ususally have a professional install, but installed myself. Will purchase again. I'm sure I'll get quicker at installing. Thanks again

  • All Good!

    Posted by: Tony


    The filiters came, I installed with relative ease. A little pricey, but can't beat the convenience of delivery to your door.

  • 201 Media for 2200

    Posted by: N. R. Mason


    Fast delivery, easy to install but a little expensive. Lowes has pleated filters which fit the 2200 box but are cheaper. I don't know if they work as well or not. They come as a unit so all you have to do is put them in the compartment that slides into the furnace.

  • Excellent Filter - Excellent Service

    Posted by: Scott Sheehan


    This is my second purchase of this filter from Aprilaire and I'll surely be buying more here in the future. In 2011 I chose the setting to send me an email reminder to purchase a new filter and I was pleased to find a discount offer within the reminder as long as I purchased it before the end of April. Thanks Aprilaire!

  • This is a great filter

    Posted by: HH


    Great filter.I have been using this filter for years.It was fast service.

  • great product,effective design.

    Posted by: H.D.D.,Jr.


    Really like the product.Appreciate the speedy delivery.I will be a continued customer.Thank you for the temp.,humidity meter. H.Depkin,Jr.

  • Easy order and quick Replacement

    Posted by: Carlos Galvez


    Easy online purchase,fast delivery, and accompanied install instructions. I'm going to be replacing it at the recommended 1 year interval. Thanks Aprilaire!

  • Aprilaire 2200 Filter

    Posted by: Doyle Winters


    Great service...been using the filter for years...change about every 6 months.

  • Aprilaire 2000

    Posted by: J.C.Roehr


    First class fast service!!!

  • April Air Cleaners and Humidifier Pad

    Posted by: Louise Conner


    I like your products very much, and would appreciate it if you would let me know when you have specials so that I might save myself some money. Thank you.

  • it is good buy

    Posted by: jeff walton


    I have been using this filter product for 15 years plus. works as advertised, however I generally change mine every 6-8 months. My biggest and only complaint is replacing the filter combs!!! too bad they don't make an all in one unit for the 201.

  • quality product

    Posted by: satisfied customer


    filter was easy to install ordering was effortless delivery was prompt thank you

  • New Homeowner. I needed to replace the air cleaner.

    Posted by: MEverett


    Went to the source and not a 2nd rate or generic product. Fact Delivery. Easy install. I'll buy direct in the future.

  • Great product

    Posted by: Eileen


    Great service, speedy delivery, easy to assemble. Best of all, less dusting for me!

  • Save money

    Posted by: Bill


    My AC inspector advised me it was cheaper to buy from Aprilaire then what he would have to charge me. I buy, he installs

  • Easy Installation

    Posted by: Sarah Laurel


    Very easy installation. Great Product and fast delivery.

  • So easy

    Posted by: Roy D


    It was so easy to find and easy to replace. I'll be back for more!

  • Great Service

    Posted by: R Ricks


    The filters are great and as promised, they arrived timely. Thanks so much for the timely service

  • The best air filter

    Posted by: JVG


    Had this Aprilaire furnace filter system for 10 yrs... I order once per year and it arrives with no problem....I install in few minutes.Works great and nice to "forgetabout" it for another year. JG

  • You can never go wrong with Aprilaire

    Posted by: Marshall


    Once again I am completely satisfied with all five of my Aprilaire filters! Every six months I replace them and they really do trap the smallest of impurities. I have two large dogs and they shed. The filter helps keep their dander out of the air and allows the air blower to work with ease and hopefully extend the life of the units! I am also VERY satisfied with the fast shipping and prices of the filters. Much cheaper than having my Heat and Air man come replace them! Thanks Aprilaire.

  • 201 Media Aprilaire 2200 air cleaner

    Posted by: pabluja


    Excellent filter. Beware of other filters that claim to be Aprilaire filters. They are NOT the same. Buy from Aprilaire or an authorized dealer.

  • 201 Media

    Posted by: James


    Outstanding service.It's a plesure to do business with your company.

  • Filter Purchase

    Posted by: Jack in Cumming, GA


    Reminder that it was time to order was great, shipping was fast and installation was easy.

  • Air cleaner

    Posted by: M.Hernandez


    Nothing wrong with the product or the ordering procedure. Everything went well. My husband removed the old filter and installed the new one. Customer service employees were also very nice and courteous. This is the second time we have ordered from them amd will continue to do so.

  • Cost? Too much!

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Nice filter, easy to change but much too expensive. +$40. for a piece of filter paper? I'll switch back to my old $2.00 filters next time.

  • No problems

    Posted by: Janine


    This is the second year I've purchased this item through your site. Everything went smoothly both times. I'm sure I'll be back next year.

  • great filter

    Posted by: Jim Wargo


    very easy ordering on line and a perfect fit.

  • Air Cleaner

    Posted by: Yogi4best


    Everything was great. Had my filter in no time. Price was right too. Thanks

  • old time 201 filter

    Posted by: alan garrett


    old style 201, versus new style ?, works fine for us. Our yearly tuuneup guy said filter is keeping our 15 year old system very clean. Web site easy to use, also. Thanks.

  • Aprilaire 2200 air cleaner

    Posted by: billotpt@aol.com


    Been using them for about 5 years now. Great filtration! Friends and family have multiple allergies and this has assisted greatly in providing cleaner air in our Florida humidity and pollen problems. Last a year easily, and well worth it. Great package; easy to use; fast delivery!

  • Aprilaire Filter

    Posted by: Tom Moi


    Great filter. Easy to install. Excellent filtration. The best I ever used. I just ordered another one for next year.

  • Great Service

    Posted by: Betty


    Always glad to do business with Aprilaire. The products are quality and the service is over the top!

  • Fantastic !

    Posted by: D Anderson


    Best filter ever. Easy to install and does the job much better than other filters. Ordering is super easy and delivery is even faster!

  • Excelent Reliable Service - great product

    Posted by: Hans in tucson


    great service, thanks! Filtrs arrived exactly as promised on time...

  • comment

    Posted by: Anonymous


    no problems, Thanks

  • Good media change

    Posted by: Doug Roberts


    Way to go. Easy filter change out again! I'll keep coming back.

  • A/C filter

    Posted by: Marlenesatx@aol.com


    I am told this filter will last one year. I have never seen one like this for sale in stores. It is for my Trane AC furnace. I will be buying again in the future.. Thanks for the speedy delivery.

  • response

    Posted by: Patrick Cavanaugh


    everything seems great. I just buy what was already there and let my contractor install it. They seem to think it's fine

  • fast and easy

    Posted by: Eileen J


    Ordering was simple and the delivery was very fast.

  • 201

    Posted by: Dawn


    Great replacement filter. Love the product

  • This fiilter works great

    Posted by: Brad


    Our son has allergies and when he has reactions we run the fan on our heating and cooling system all the time and he is back to normal the next morning!!!! Huge difference

  • Quality

    Posted by: DDENNIS


    Excellent filtration. The best I have ever had and would definately recommend it to my friends.