Control Temperature

Aprilaire helps you achieve total indoor comfort through temperature control

Temperature—the most basic of indoor comfort considerations. And the most important. Without proper temperature control in your home, your family doesn't have a chance at total indoor comfort.

Control Temperature for Total Indoor Comfort and Energy Savings

Beyond simple temperature control, Aprilaire offers solutions that will provide you the maximum comfort and energy savings based on your family's needs and your home.

Zoned Comfort ControlZoned temperature control helps you achieve indoor comfort in every room.

Are some areas in your home always too hot or too cold? You don't have to accept this as the norm. If you want the very best temperature control for every room in your home, the Aprilaire Zoned Comfort Control system is your answer.

Zoned Comfort Control uses a system of multiple thermostats, electronically connected to one control panel to measure and control specific temperature needs in your home.

This makes you and your family more comfortable and saves you money on heating and cooling costs.

Programmable Thermostats

Heating and cooling costs are the #1 expense in most American homes. If you're looking for energy savings, a programmable thermostat is the easiest way to lower costs while getting higher performance from your existing heating and cooling system.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a programmable thermostat can save you up to 30% on energy costs annually.

Home Comfort Control

Achieving total indoor comfort has never been easier. With Home Comfort Control from Aprilaire, you get a single, easy-to-operate control that can be used in place of your thermostat. It works in tandem with Aprilaire indoor air quality equipment to help you to manage temperature, humidity, air purity and freshness—all with the touch of a button.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Aprilaire has a full range of indoor air quality solutions that work together to make your home more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. Our thermostats and air quality control systems provide help you efficiently manage not only your temperature, but the purity of your air, proper humidity levels and fresh air ventilation. We can help you maintain an optimum indoor environment for your home and family.

Control All Aspects, or Isolate Specific Issues

If you wish to isolate specific air quality issues, Aprilaire offers a range of control options to suit your individual needs. You can address the issues you have—not the ones you don't.

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