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Is the freshness of your home's air under control?

Air ventilation is key to lowering VOC levels emitted by common household products.Today's homes are being built with energy efficiency in mind. They are sealed tightly, so air that's been heated or cooled can't seep out.

While saving money on energy is good for the pocketbook, a tightly sealed home also means that the same, stale indoor air is being recirculated throughout your home, every time your furnace or air conditioner is running.

Air that's trapped in your home can also contain harmful, toxic chemicals that could be threatening the health of your family. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the concentration of pollutants can be up to 10 times greater inside your home than outside.


Common household contaminants found in even the best-kept homes include:

  • Moldmildew and biological contaminants
  • Household chemicals
  • Formaldehyde
  • Smoke

Fresh air is within your reach.

Trapped moisture, chemical fumes and odor-laden indoor air can have a negative effect on the health and comfort of your family. Thankfully, a whole-home ventilation system can help. Installed as part of your home's heating and cooling system, it expels stale, stagnant air and replaces it with fresh, clean air


A whole-home ventilation system can help you:

Protect your home

Excess humidity is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. It causes condensation build up on windows, destroying their finishes and structural integrity. A whole-home ventilation system works in conjunction with other indoor air quality solutions to minimize damage caused by moisture.

Control health

The American College of Allergists states that 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality. That includes colds, fluallergies and asthma. Whole-home ventilation puts dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, virusesvolatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other airborne pollutants where they belong— outside your home.

Control comfort

whole-home ventilation system can help you control the way your home feels—and the way it smells. It helps you exchange odors caused by pets, cooking and everyday activities with fresh, clean-smelling outdoor air.

Save energy

With whole-home ventilation, air that's too hot or too cold never enters the home, which keeps your air conditioner or furnace from operating unnecessarily.

Aprilaire ventilation solutions maintain temperature and energy efficiency, while exchanging the stale, contaminated air in you home with fresh, clean air.

Control fresh air in your home for a healthier more comfortable environment.Fresh Air Throughout Your Home

Aprilaire ventilation systems are designed to provide fresh air throughout your entire home. You can choose to control the system yourself, have it set for continuous operation or have it run only during preset times. Plus, we have a solution that controls the temperature and humidity of the air that's brought inside.

Aprilaire ventilation solutions are designed to deliver improved performance and reliability. They are maintenance-free and come with a five year warranty.

Control All Aspects, or Isolate Specific Issues

If you wish to isolate specific air quality issues, Aprilaire offers a range of control options to suit your individual needs. You can address the issues you have—not the ones you don't.

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