Healthy Humidity Plays a Key Role in Wellness

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Healthy Humidity

Fact: Studies show flu viruses thrive in dry air. Aprilaire humidifiers help create a healthy humidity environment that's great for your family...but not for the flu.

Healthy Air Ecosystem

Healthy Humidity is only part of the overall Healthy Air ecosystem. Balanced humidity complements purified air, ventilation, and temperature control, which greatly contributes to your overall health.


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Maintain Wellness

Viruses, bacteria, mold, and other airborne pollutants thrive in excessively dry or damp conditions. Fortunately, people thrive in the sweet spot in between.


Save Energy

Balanced humidity prevents your air conditioner or furnace from working overtime, saving you money on future energy costs.


Protect Your Home

Dry air can lead to cracked wood while damp air contributes to harmful mold growth and pests. Keep your home safe with proper humidity.

Keys to Healthy Humidity

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Having a Bad Air Day? Here’s Some Help to Clear the Air

During the winter months as we’re sealed up in our homes trying to keep warm, a by-product occurs. The air inside our homes gets dry, and the overall quality of the air can suffer resulting in bad air. The EPA estimates that our indoor air can in some instances be 10 times more polluted than

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Aprilaire Humidifier

What is humidity? Humidity is the presence of water molecules in the air. As more water evaporates, the more water vapor rises into the air, making the humidity level rise. 💧 What should the humidity in my home be? 💧 Mold and overheating can result from too much moisture. While too little moisture can cause

3 Ways Humidity Can Help You Think

Ideal indoor humidity is good for your well-being, but could it also increase productivity?

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