Dry Basement Solutions

Aprilaire can help you maintain a dry basement through dehumidification.

Have you noticed a musty odor in your basement? Condensation on the pipes or moisture on the walls?

These are signs of high humidity in your home, and the solution is a whole-home dehumidifier.

What Causes High Humidity?

Top Reasons to Get an Aprilaire high-performance dehumidifiersDaily activities, such as cooking, cleaning and showering can add as much as 25 pounds of moisture to your home—every day. As this moisture passes down into the basement, the cooler temps result in a higher relative humidity (RH). Same thing happens when the humidity levels outside are high.

High humidity in your basement can also result when dryer vents are not properly vented outside or they have leaks.

Your air conditioner usually can't solve the problem of high humidity. You need humidity control.

Why You Need a Dry Basement

If you're like most people, you store valuable items in your basement, such as holiday decorations, family heirlooms and tools. Excess moisture can damage these valuables.

If your basement is finished, your family spends time socializing and relaxing there. High humidity can negatively affect your health and comfort.

A whole-home dehumidifier can protect you from high humidity, which can cause:

  • Mold and mildew growth: Mold in basements causes a musty smell and ruins items like clothing, furniture, books and paperwork. Mold and mildew can also cause a host of health problems, such as asthma, allergies and sinus infections.
  • Dust mites: These microscopic creatures can also cause asthma flare-ups as well as eczema.
  • Rust: The metal on your tools, appliances and other items may rust faster.
  • Damage to décor: Paint and wallpaper may peel. Wood floors, trim and furniture can warp and rot.
  • Discomfort: You may feel sticky or clammy, even at normal temperatures.


"Elevated relative humidity at a surface—70 percent or higher—can lead to problems with mold, corrosion, decay and other moisture related deterioration...An elevated relative humidity in carpet and within fabrics can lead to dust mite infestation and mildew."
-U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

To learn more about the effects of high humidity and how you can achieve a dry basement, watch our Total Comfort Dehumidification video.

Protect Your Valuables With a Dry Basement Solution From Aprilaire

An Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifier will automatically remove the ideal amount of humidity from your air to mitigate the above problems.

Installed directly to your heating and cooling system, Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifiers address the humidity in your entire home, not just one room like a portable basement dehumidifier. Not only does this protect you and your belongings throughout your entire home, it also prevents moist air from seeping into your basement from other areas.

Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifiers are also healthier and much easier to maintain than portables. There's no standing water, which could be contaminated with biological growth. There are no messy tanks to empty. Just simple, annual maintenance.

Find the Right Dehumidifier For You

Aprilaire offers Whole-Home Dehumidifiers that meet your family's needs and are suitable for your home. Ask an Aprilaire dealer to recommend a dry basement solution that is right for you. Find a dealer.