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Aprilaire Poynette Distribution Center

Aprilaire Manufacturing Bonus Incentives

3rd Shift Retention Bonus



Amount: A gross amount retention bonus of $500 after 45 days worked, $750 after 90 days worked, and $1,500 after 120 days worked.



• This retention bonus is effective July 6th, 2021.

• 1st and 2nd shift employees may bid to 3rd shift to receive this bonus.

• If a 3rd shift employee bids to and is awarded a job off 3rd shift, they would no longer be eligible for additional bonuses following the payout schedule. 

• Tracking will be based on the number of actual days worked by 3rd shift employees.

• Employees must be actively employed on 3rd shift at the time of payout to receive their retention bonus.

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Training Bonus


Amount: A gross amount training bonus of $250 per pay period for the first 3 pay periods, for a total of 6 weeks. 



• New hires on all shifts are eligible, effective July 6th, 2021. 

• Employees who are within their first 6 weeks at the time of implementation will be eligible for the scheduled bonus on their next paycheck(s).

• Employees must be actively employed at the time of payout to receive their retention bonus. 

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