Aprilaire Portable Air Purifier

Aprilaire Portable Air Purifier

Aprilaire, leaders in professionally installed, whole-home air purification proudly introduces a single room air cleaner.

Durable, sturdy construction is toddler and pet proof. Simple, subtle design allows Aprilaire Model 2275 to clean the air without stealing the show – no blinking lights, beeps or Sci-Fi appearance. It blends in like a small piece of furniture and you’ll know it’s working when you breathe!  Ideal for offices, waiting rooms, apartments, dens or anywhere you want cleaner air.

Harness portable air purification from the leaders in Indoor Air Quality Solutions for over 50 years.


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  • Removes 98% of allergens (pollen, spores), dust, pet dander, airborne mold and bacteria.

  • Single-filter design eliminates need to purchase and change multiple filters at different intervals. 

  • Requires no cleaning or maintenance beyond filter change.

  • Filter's efficiency improves over the course of its life.

  • Centered, sturdy low-profile design prevents tipping from pets or toddlers. 

  • Low fan noise

  • Operating cost is just 18 cents a day. 

Other Specifications:


 11-7/8"w x 11-7/8"d x 13-3/4"h


 13 pounds

 Air purifier media size

 10-3/4" x 10-3/4" x 4"

 Air cleaner media area

 10.8 square feet


 120VAC, 60HZ
low speed: 35 watts
high speed: 51 watts

 Air flow

 Low speed: 100 CFM
High speed: 140 CFM

 Air changes per hour

 16' x 16' room (8-foot ceiling)
Low speed: 3 air changes per hour
High speed: 4 air changes per hour

 Media performance

 Particle size efficiency: reaches 99% of particles 5 micron in diameter or larger.

 Replacement Media

 Aprilaire 275 Filter