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Best air cleaners for the best indoor air quality

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Air Cleaners To Catch Just About Anything

Dear Jim:

I want the best quality air at home for my family. I am trying to decide which type of central air cleaner is best. Will installing a central air cleaner make my heating and cooling more efficient? — Steve D.

Dear Steve:

Installing a high-quality central air cleaner in the furnace/air conditioner duct system does not technically improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. What it will do is keep the heating and cooling units running at their highest original efficiency levels.

With a lower-quality air cleaner, such as the standard 1-inch-thick fiberglass filter, dust and dirt can build up on the heat exchanger and cooling coil surfaces. This dust creates a layer of insulation so heat is not exchanged as effectively as it should be. This reduces efficiency.

Types of Air Cleaners

Within the past year or two, several air cleaner and heating equipment manufacturers have come out with new super-efficient central air cleaners. They can even catch flu viruses and bacteria as they pass through the duct system.

Until this technology was developed, electronic air cleaners used wires of one charge and a collection cell of the opposite charge to catch the air particles. When the collection cell was dirty, it was washed off in the dishwasher, bathtub or outdoors and slipped back into the unit. The new super-efficient ones use collection media that is replaced, not washed.

For many people, the older technology is adequate. I use this kind of air cleaner in my own home. For people with allergies to some of the smallest particles in the indoor air, the new electronic air cleaners are more effective. The electricity cost to operate either type is not significant.

Another option is a pleated media air cleaner. This type of unit is less expensive and relies on many square feet of folded filter material to catch particles as the air passes through it. There are various levels of media quality and price. The cleaning effectiveness of various models can be compared by their MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating.

If you do not want to have the ducts modified to install a new air cleaner, consider a self-charging electrostatic model. This slips into the existing furnace filter slot and is many times more effective than a fiberglass filter. Another option is a bypass HEPA air cleaner that has its own air circulation motor.

Fight For Air Climb 2021

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The American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb 2021

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The American Lung Association’s annual Fight For Air Climb is focusing on outdoor climbing in cities across the country. With respiratory issues at the forefront of the world’s health concerns, this fundraising effort is more important than ever.

What’s different this year?

All events will be held outdoors to help with COVID-19 safety precautions. Registrations are limited and masks and social distancing are required throughout the event. The Lung Association has secured awesome outdoor venues around the country, including iconic stadiums like American Family Field in Milwaukee. Aprilaire is a proud sponsor of the Wisconsin Fight For Air Climb and has a team of employees and family members climbing on May 22. Please join us! Hurry—space is limited.

There’s even a virtual option if you can’t make it to the climb in person. With the Climb Your Way option, you can do your own thing, like running, walking, jump roping, etc.—and still help the cause! There are online tools, challenges, and opportunities for connecting with others leading up to the event.

What hasn’t changed?

While it may look a little different, everything people have come to love about the Fight For Air Climb will be the same, like the challenge and the camaraderie. And, the way you climb is still up to you. Climb, run, or walk as fast or as slow as you need to.

Whether you participate in person or online, you can earn your Climb T-shirt and Event Finisher Medal when you reach the $150 fundraising goal for in-person climbers and $100 fundraising goal for virtual climbers. There are also additional incentives if you raise more than $175.

Why should we keep up the fight?

Lung health is critical to living a long, fulfilling life. Yet sometimes we take it for granted and don’t think of how our everyday choices and the world around us might affect our health long-term. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to prioritize the health of your lungs.  The event raises money for life-saving research, to end lung disease and COVID-19. The Climb also raises funds for critical local programing like educational programs to help local children better manage their asthma and free programs to help residents quit smoking.

According to the American Lung Association, these are some of the other ways to keep your lungs working hard for you:

Get started on your Healthy Air journey today, and join the Fight For Air Climb in your area. Now is the time to support the fight for healthy lungs and clean air for all – register for the American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb today at FightForAirClimb.org/Milwaukee!

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Healthy Air Hero

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Starting Fresh: Tips from a Healthy Air Hero

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The start of a new season can mean new red flags for homeowners. Luckily, our Healthy Air Professionals (aka Healthy Air Heroes) are here to offer advice to help you combat seasonal allergies, overcome potential weather-related disasters, and more.

It’s no secret that we’re all looking forward to (and deserve) a fresh start. So don’t let allergens, airborne viruses, pollution, and other air-related concerns that continue to impact our indoor and outdoor spaces get in the way. Luckily, this spring, we can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to whole-home Indoor Air Quality solutions from Aprilaire—designed to protect our home’s air from these unwanted houseguests.

To help you get started this season, we want to introduce you to one of our Healthy Air Heroes, All Comfort Services owner Larry Davies. Larry has been an HVAC technician and owner servicing Madison, Wisconsin for more than 55 years!

In 1973, he and his wife Susan began their business venture and have been partnered with us here at Aprilaire since. As a trusted expert and certified Healthy Air Professional, we asked Larry to share a bit about why he believes Healthy Air is an important must-have in all homes, as well as offer tips and advice for homeowners, like you, who are looking to start fresh this spring. Read on to see what he had to say!

Why is Healthy Air important?

“Over the past 50 years, I have seen HVAC change over time, and for a long time, the industry made every effort to tighten up homes so they were energy efficient. We know that this can create an unhealthy environment if there isn’t fresh air coming in, or the air isn’t treated. We partner with Aprilaire because of all the Indoor Air Quality options they offer, from dehumidifiers to fresh air ventilation.”

What’s the best way to help those with allergies or asthma?

“We always ask our customers if anyone in their home is experiencing allergies or breathing issues so that our technicians can offer homeowners the right solutions. One of the best things a homeowner can do right away is upgrade to a MERV 16 rated filter. MERV (or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) rated filters are an industry-standard rating system used to identify the air filter’s filtration level and are the best to help filter viruses, bacteria, pet dander, or airborne pollen, promoting the best protection to maintain a Healthy Home.”

Beyond changing our air filters, how can families make certain they’re breathing Healthy Air?

“It’s our recommendation to provide a whole-home solution. When someone does update their system, it’s a great time to add Indoor Air Quality options like whole-home humidifiers, fresh air ventilation, MERV 16 filters, smart thermostats, and dehumidifiers.”

How can weather impact your home’s air?

“In Madison, Wisconsin, we have four distinct seasons. Here, a whole-home Indoor Air Quality system and heating and cooling system work together to promote comfort. If anyone has issues with pollen, we recommend installing a smart thermostat with built-in pollen monitors that can adapt your whole-home system to treat the air in your home so that it promotes Healthy Air.”

What makes Aprilaire a trusted partner?

“We recognize the importance of bringing fresh air into the home and the important role that Aprilaire plays to help us give our customers the solutions that will ultimately help them better their health. That’s especially important today, as the pandemic has made people realize that many illnesses may be transmitted in the air. We continue to choose Aprilaire because of their commitment to quality. We think of our company as a high-value company, and we have peace of mind knowing we can rely on their products and remarkable service.”

Because the air we breathe matters…

“Our industry has always had solutions for Indoor Air Quality, not only to prevent allergens and bacteria, but to eliminate airborne viruses. We are excited to help our customers find solutions to breathe better indoors, because we know everyone is concerned about the potential for viruses, such as COVID-19, to linger. This is an opportunity for us to continue to provide essential services. We are happy to have Aprilaire as a partner as we work toward making homes more comfortable.”

Healthy Clean Air plays a key role in our overall wellness. When you begin your journey toward a fresh start this spring, be sure to keep Healthy Air top of mind so you and your family can continue to breathe easy at home.

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Learn more about the benefits of Healthy Clean Air and Aprilaire’s solutions. Find a certified Healthy Air Hero, like All Comfort Services, in your area to get started today!

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Experiencing the Fight For Air Climb

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Before the Fight For Air Climb

Entering the US Bank Center for the American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb was a rush of energy.

This seemed less like an arduous trek up 1,000 stairs and more of an indoor festival. There were volunteers ready to greet you and pump you up for the ensuing climb and people from different companies sitting at tables ready to hand out souvenirs.

They were probably also there to distract you after you just got done instinctively looking up toward the top of the 47-story US Bank Center in downtown Milwaukee becoming a little uneasy at the prospect of your journey upward.

Before you made your climb, you gathered as a team and took several escalators down to the basement level before getting warmed up with a quick aerobic routine. Then you took a long and winding tunnel where you greeted by more volunteers who were cheering you on. It was hard not to feel inspired and excited.

During the Fight For Air Climb

One-by-one people took off up toward the top of the US Bank Center to begin their Fight For Air Climb. I, like most, started off confidently and quickly. I took the first six flights easily, but then by flight eight, I began to fight for air. I now understand why they title this climb just that. My mind and my body were at odds. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to continue at the same pace to get it over with as quickly as possible or to slow down and feel better. I went with the former.

Everyone in the stairwell was trudging onward with the same dilemma. We all were gasping for air as we kept pushing up each step and each flight toward the top of the Fight For Air Climb. At several points, I wondered if I was actually making any progress.

Every 10 flights there was a group of volunteers handing out cups of water and words of encouragement. Both were sorely needed to help push me along.

With each passing flight, I kept a tally of how many flights I had left. Twenty flights down, 27 more flights to go; 30 flights down, 17 flights to go; Ok, 40 flights down, 7 to go. By the time I got to the 40th floor, I knew I could make the last push to make it to the top of my Fight For Air Climb journey.

After the Fight For Air Climb

Eventually, I reached the top after 9 minutes and 31 seconds. At the top of the stairwell, I was met by volunteers who were cheering me on and by other climbers who were also catching their breath and taking in the picturesque views of Milwaukee and Lake Michigan afforded to us by the tallest building in Wisconsin.

As I grabbed a water and walked around soaking in both the views of the city and my accomplishment, it was really cool to watch teams taking pictures together or greeting other climbers with high-fives and smiles. There was a certain camaraderie found in a common struggle.

Despite the lingering soreness, I cannot wait for next year’s climb. No matter if I beat my time from this year or not, it’s about fighting for air together and helping those impacted with lung disease.

To join an upcoming climb in a city near you, visit www.lung.org/aprilaire.

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Aprilaire Partner Contractor Joins Fight For Air Climb

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“What can you do or say when your family is suffering such losses? It’s devastating,” said Christopher Ciongoli, HVAC salesman/estimator with Aprilaire partner Whalen & Ives.

Chris is participating in the NYC American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb on April 4, 2020. When he heard that Aprilaire was the national Healthy Air sponsor of the event he signed on to the Aprilaire team.

“An opportunity to make difference just appeared to me on Jan 10th in an email from Aprilaire informing me about the Fight for Air Climb. This was it. This is how I would help make a difference and support my wife as well as so many others that are impacted by lung disease”.

Lung disease became an all too familiar fixture in Chris’s life last year when his brother-in-law, mother-in-law, and father-in-law all died from lung disease.

As of February 7, he’s raised 90 percent of his fundraising goal. Not only is Chris excited to help raise funds and awareness, he told us he’s already reaping the benefits of training for the 849-step climb.

“My blood pressure has dropped, my pants are getting loose, and my dog Crosby is getting back in shape too!”

Every morning he goes out with dog Crosby and strengthens his legs and increases his stamina to make sure he can make it to the 44th floor of the 1290 Avenue of Americas building in New York City.

Read more of Chris’s incredible journey by going to his page. Thank you for your efforts, Chris and we cannot wait to hear more.

For more information about the Fight For Air Climb and to find an event in your area, go to https://www.lung.org/aprilaire. To learn how to train for your own climb, head to our page where we share training tips to help you prepare for your own Fight For Air Climb.

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St. Vincent de Paul

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2021: Aprilaire’s Good Neighbor Values

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We take the importance of caring for others to heart at Aprilaire. We believe we have a purpose beyond the individual work we do and that being a successful company also means “Being a Good Neighbor.” It’s one of our core values, and something we put into action each year.

We remain committed to helping our local communities in a number of ways, including financial contributions and volunteering. In the past, we’ve raised funds to provide pack-n-plays to mothers in need, volunteered at local blood drives, and held various donation drives throughout the year.

While our partnership opportunities may look different in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re excited to continue our work with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, whose mission statement reads:

“A membership organization, the Society began working in Madison in 1925 with two parish-based groups of members serving their neighbors in need. Today, programs the Society operates in Dane County include a large customer-choice food pantry, a charitable pharmacy, storage for the goods of persons who are homeless, seven thrift stores offering direct charity, housing at Port St. Vincent de Paul and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton House, and several other forms of assistance for people struggling with poverty.”

We’ve been working with St. Vincent de Paul – Madison since 2014, giving us a number of incredible opportunities to give back and live out our mission of being Good Neighbors.

We believe the work they’re doing to provide assistance for our community is more important than ever right now, which is why it’s our honor to be a 2021 Platinum Sponsor for St. Vincent de Paul’s 6th Annual Care Café fundraising breakfast on May, 5th 2021. The theme is “Love Made Visible.”

They’re going virtual this year, which means they have unlimited capacity to reach their goal of $140,000. If you live in Dane County, we encourage you to attend the virtual event and support our neighbors in need through your contributions to the food pantry, free pharmacy, and housing programs.

 Click here for more information on St. Vincent de Paul – Madison to see how you can get involved.

Or find a charity in your area that you may be able to connect with to make an impact.