Keep Cool at the Pool with a Hawaiian Luau and Sponge Leis

Crafts for Kids: Stay cool at the pool this summer season

Searching for a way to keep your kids cool while spending time in the hot summer sunshine? With the season in full swing and the temperatures outside sweltering, there’s no better time to have a summer pool party to cool down! Make things even more fun by giving your party a tropical theme and host your own miniature Hawaiian luau as you head to the pool.

Since no luau is complete without leis, try this project for Hawaiian Sponge Leis that will help you stay comfortable in the heat! The sponges will drip cool water from the pool onto your skin as the sun beats down on you.

This easy craft is also the perfect DIY project for a trip to the beach or a day spent playing in the sprinklers. You and your kids will stay cool even after getting out of the water.

Be sure to take pictures for Instagram and tag @AprilaireCo and #KeepYourCool so we can see your family sporting these cool sponge leis. They’re sure to help you beat the heat this summer!


Fresh, colorful sponges


Bamboo skewer


Large threading needle


Step One: With your scissors, cut the sponges into various shapes; three sponges can be used to make two necklaces. Unleash your inner designer and get creative with the shapes you cut!

Step Two: Using the bamboo skewer, poke a hole through both ends of each sponge piece.

Step Three: Thread a large needle with 25 inches of yarn. To assemble the lei, run the needle and yarn through the holes you made in the sponges. Then tie off the yarn to finish the lei.

Step Four: Throw on your lei and jump in the pool or dunk your lei in water. The wet sponges will keep your kids’ skin cool as they play in the summer sunshine!

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