Spruce Things Up with This DIY Christmas Card Holder


Picture this. It’s Christmastime and all of your friends and family are sending you cute holiday cards. You want to display them all, but the sheer number of cards this year has you a bit overwhelmed. That’s okay, just build your own DIY Christmas card holder using an Aprilaire water panel!

DIY Christmas Card Holder Materials Needed

1 Aprilaire Water Panel
Stainless Steel Card Holders
Hot Glue

DIY Christmas Card Holder Instructions

Step One: Gather all of the items you need from the materials list above to assemble your DIY Christmas card holder.


Step Two: Remove the water panel from its casing. If you’re recycling a used water panel (which we recommend to avoid creating waste) be sure to rinse it off and let it dry first.


Step Three: Wrap a strand of ribbon horizontally around your water panel, hot gluing each end in the center. You’ll eventually hot glue a bow overtop these connecting points, so it’s wise to ensure the area you’re hot gluing meets in the center of the water panel.


Step Four: Repeat step three, this time wrapping a strand of ribbon vertically around the water panel. Again, be sure that the two ends of the ribbon are hot glued in the center. You can use the previous, horizontal connecting point as a guide.


Step Five: Hot glue your bow above the center connecting points where the horizontal and vertical ribbons intersect. What you have now should resemble a Christmas present.


Step Six: Stick your stainless steel card holders into the top of the water panel present you’ve created.


And voila! As you collect cards and photos from loved ones this holiday season, you’ll be able to proudly display them at home with a one-of-a-kind card holder you built yourself. Happy holidays!



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