Dust Removal 

This is caused by poor indoor air quality. All of the things decomposing inside your home and entering from the outside are constantly floating around in your air and settling on your belongings.

The sources of dust in your home are most likely:

Dust Can be Unsightly, Unhealthy and Costly

Not only does dust give the impression that your house is dirty, but it can also cause health problems and property damage.

Ineffective dust removal can aggravate allergies and asthma.

Dust can cause the failure of expensive electronics inside your home:

  • Overheating of computers and other temperature-sensitive electronics
  • Scratching of camera lenses and TV screens
  • Destruction of the internal components of CD and DVD players
  • Impaired performance of audio speakers and stereo components
  • Unnecessary strain on your expensive HVAC system

While you can never completely remove dust, Aprilaire can help you significantly reduce it.

Dust Removal With Aprilaire's Help

Aprilaire can provide your family with whole-home indoor air quality solutions that provide an effective and effortless method of dust removal.

Our air purifiers remove up to 94% of the dust in your home, significantly reducing visible dust and cleaning time, along with incidences of respiratory irritation.

Our whole-home ventilation solutions expel stale, dusty indoor air and exchange it for fresh, dust-free outdoor air.