Aprilaire Home Automation

Seamlessly integrate HVAC control into your home automation system

Are you building your dream home or have you already built it? Whole-home automation systems are making the home of the future a reality. Today's homes are being built with basic automated systems—such as home security or lighting systems—up to sophisticated systems that include home theatres, appliances and more.

If you truly want the utmost in comfort, convenience and energy efficiency for your family and home, your automation system has to include heating and cooling.

Aprilaire Home Automation offers complete integration into your home automation system and control from anywhere in the world via your PC. Never again will you have to walk around to each thermostat to control the temperature in different areas of your house.

Whole-Home Automation Integration

Using state-of-the-art design and the latest in technology, automated systems use multiple thermostats installed throughout your home. The Aprilaire Model 8800 Home Automation Thermostat seamlessly integrates with those automation systems. Instead of using the thermostat to control your climate needs, you can use one system to control your HVAC, lighting, security, and audio/video.

As an HVAC control specialist and leader, Aprilaire offers:

  • Integration with most leading home automation systems. Aprilaire home automation thermostats are designed with compatibility in mind.
  • Reliability. Unlike wireless models, Aprilaire home automation thermostats will never fail due to wireless access issues.
  • Expertise. Aprilaire knows how to solve HVAC challenges that other home automation brands don't.

PC Control

If you don't have a home automation system, Aprilaire offers a package that allows you to control your thermostats through your personal computer. Program, monitor, set limits, view history and see the current outdoor temperature while sitting at your home computer. Better yet, with Internet access you can do all this from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent option for second homes, vacation homes and condos, or anyone on the road.

Features & Benefits of Aprilaire Home Automation

Aprilaire Model 8800 Home Automation Thermostats are easy to use. While they can be individually operated, they work best in a system, whether controlled by a PC or home automation system. Other benefits include:

  • Exceptional convenience—Individual programming or resetting of thermostats is completely eliminated. You receive information from all Aprilaire 8800 Thermostats on your home automation system's touch panel.
  • Energy savings—Temperature settings can be customized within the system to fit your lifestyle, delivering increased energy savings.
  • Total comfort and peace of mind—Left for work and forgot to set back your thermostat? Turn them down from your work PC. Going to your vacation home this summer? Program your air conditioner to turn on a couple hours before you arrive. Relaxing at night with a great movie? Adjust the temperature, dim the lights and turn on your home theatre from your home automation's touch panel.

For more detailed information on features, visit the Model 8800 page.

Complete Your Home Automation System with HVAC Control

Get the utmost in comfort, convenience and energy efficiency with HVAC automation. Contact your local Systems Integrator or Aprilaire for more information today.