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Aprilaire Upgrade Kit 1413 for Model 2400 and Model 2140 Air Purifiers

Get better protection and performance and simplified filter changes! Upgrade your Aprilaire Model 2400 or Aprilaire Model 2140 Air Purifiers with an Aprilaire Upgrade Kit 1413 Today!
  • Removes nearly 2 times more contaminants
  • One time upgrade for a lifetime of improvement
  • Aprilaire Upgrade Kit 1413 installs in minutes with no tools required
  • Easy-to-change filter system
  • Aprilaire Upgrade Kit 1413 includes replacement filter #413
  • Fits in units with plastic (non-metal) doors
The Aprilaire Upgrade Kit 1413 also replaces the 4272 inner housing previously found in the Aprilaire Model 2400 Air Purifier.
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Get it straight from the source! Genuine Aprilaire replacement parts made by Aprilaire in Wisconsin U.S.A.





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  • Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: Mark McKinnon


    I have been using the Aprilaire Model 2400 since 1998 and have always been pleased with the product and the company. The old filter design was very effective but rather a pain to change. I could not be more pleased with the upgrade kit with the new filter design. As a mechanical engineer I was very impressed that such a major design improvement was so easy to retrofit.

  • March 11 2013

    Posted by: R Homer


    Fast delivery. Easy Installation.

  • Kit # 1413 upgrade & extra media filters

    Posted by: Gail


    Kit & media filters arrived quickly. It was easy to put together & install. It'll makes for an easier change of filters in the future. Thanks.

  • Units purchase for stock

    Posted by: Bob Duncan


    Units purchase for stock

  • very easy installation of upgrade kit

    Posted by: Anonymous


    The upgrade went very well. I am glad that I ordered the upgrade kit, as the filter seems to be much better than the original filter. Installing the metal frame was super easy thanks to the excellent online video. Changing the filter in the future will be a snap.

  • Easy to Install

    Posted by: PH


    The upgrade kit arrived promptly and was easy to install. Take a minute to browse the instructions and you should be fine.

  • Experience with Aprilaire

    Posted by: Patricia Love


    I was so impressed with the young lady that I reached on the phone. She was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for all your help.

  • The Real Thing

    Posted by: John


    I originally ordered a filter from another vendor who implied the filter was made by Aprilaire. It was very poorly made and clearly an inferior product so I returned it. Shipping on the Aprilaire filter was as promised. It was a relief to get "the real thing". The upgrade kit was easy to install and I have confidence that the filter is really doing what it should.

  • Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: LoriR


    Easy to install - well worth the investment.

  • Shipping Convenience

    Posted by: M Ross


    The internet ordering process was quick and painless. The shipping was prompt and arrival quick. Haven't installed yet, old style pleated filter is still good.

  • Model 2400 upgrade kit

    Posted by: SG


    I like the simplicity of the installation. I am glad Aprilaire came up with this solution.

  • Coleman Aprilaire Order

    Posted by: Val


    My package was delivered in a timely manner. EASY installation and I look forward to order products from Aprilaire in the future! Sincerely; Val Coleman

  • Very simple installation

    Posted by: Bradley


    The upgrade kit that I purchased for my model 2400 Aprilaire media air filter was shipped and delivered quickly and the installation was a breeze.

  • great product

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Easy install and great upgrade to the old model. thank you!

  • upgrade filter

    Posted by: Tyler A


    It was pretty simple to put together, the filter seemed to be thicker. Its an upgrade from the 2400 serious filter, plus I dont have to put the devidersin and out.

  • Excellent service!

    Posted by: M


    Upgrade kit easy to put together if you view the instruction video before doing it. Less than 5 minutes to install. Much faster with the new system. I hope it is just as effective as the original filter.

  • Feedback on Purchase of Upgrade Kit 1413

    Posted by: Steve Steck


    We were very satisfied with the upgrade to our heater filter. It will make changing the filter in the future much easier than it was with the old style filter. We also appreciate how accommodating you were in your offer of the upgrade kit instead of a replacement of the old style filter.

  • 1413 Upgrade Filter Kit

    Posted by: MHD


    Easy to put together and install. Arrived quickly. No problems from ordering to installation!

  • great service

    Posted by: k


    I had a heating specialist out to service my furnace. He did not have a filter replacement and quoted me a price to order it. I found this site and discovered that I had an old filter system. I updated my filter system for less than the furnace company wanted for an outdated filter. Excellent information on this site, great prices, and good service. I highly recommend this site.

  • Easy Upgrade

    Posted by: Terry Lund


    The upgrade kit arrived in just a couple of days and it was super easy to install, so I'm a happy camper.

  • Upgrade Kit for Model 2400

    Posted by: Tom


    Thanks for making the upgrade possible. Many companies would be content to just sell us a whole new model. Easy upgrade thanks to the very helpful video.

  • So glad I upgraded, and so EASY!

    Posted by: Andreanne


    I received my upgrade kit the day after I ordered it. It came so quickly! It was very easy to put together, and I am so relieved at how much easier it will be to chance the filter in the future.

  • Great Product and Service

    Posted by: Bill Redden


    The person who took my order was very helpful and accommodating. The shipment was prompt, the retrofit kit went in just as described in the instructions; and the filter has worked fine since its installation.

  • Much easier to install!

    Posted by: Stacey in PA


    We recently purchased a home with the Aprilaire filters, and it was an older model. We bought the conversion kit and this filter, which is so much easier to install than the previous kind! No complaints!





  • Upgrade Kit for Aprilaire unit was very easy to install!

    Posted by: Mark Gwynn


    The kit could not have been any easier to install - no tools necessary, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, and all the parts fit perfectly. Thank you for providing this upgrade for our Aprilaire unit and making it possible for a DIY installation.

  • Upgrade was Easy for a Grandma!

    Posted by: Lori Hyde


    I was pleased to see that the kit did include a new filter also. The kit went together fairly easily and I like the fact that we will have better filters/air with the upgrade kit. From a 62 yr. old grandma!

  • Upgrade Kit #1413 for Model 2400 and 2140

    Posted by: Kristin


    Very easy to put together. Instructions were clear.

  • Feedback on upgrade kit

    Posted by: Anna


    Very fast shipping. No problem putting together assembly; seemed same as one installed. Had trouble sliding in new filter. No trouble with former filter.

  • Easy to install

    Posted by: Karen


    The replacement parts were very easy to install and so was the new filter. I had no problems. I am not very handy so I was pleasantly surprised. I will probably replace the filter more regularly since it is so much easier to replace than the old version. I've only had it in for about a week, so I can't comment on whether it filters better.

  • Review of upgrade kit #1413

    Posted by: Russell


    The kit was everthing it said and more, it was very easy to install, and will make future filter changes a snap.

  • Easy install

    Posted by: TB, Tallmadge, OH


    Worth the upgrade. Much easier to replace now. Takes a few minutes vs 20+.

  • Great upgrade kit

    Posted by: Nicolas


    The upgrade kit is so easy to put together and use. It is much easier than the old filter. Very happy with the purchase and the product.

  • Review of upgrade kit for model 2400

    Posted by: Ann


    We are completely happy with the new unit. It was very easy to install and is filtering the dust much better than the old style. Ann

  • masmith

    Posted by: Anonymous


    love it!

  • Feedback

    Posted by: Terri


    Received upgrade kit in two days! Previously purchased generic filter. The Aprilaire is definitely higher grade filter.

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit Review

    Posted by: Debbie D


    Just purchased home with the Model 2400 filter. Needed to replace the filter and it was pretty bad. Went on line found the upgrade kit. Put it together in a few minutes, slide it in and it was done. Easy to manage and will be easy to replace the filter in the future. Great improvement.

  • Great service!

    Posted by: David B.


    The order desk was fantastic. Very helpful in identifying the correct model for upgrade and troubleshooting. She was also able to offer some deals on shipping, etc. that were most appreciated. Thank you so much!

  • Fabulous

    Posted by: Russ Licata


    What a dramatic difference in this filter and the original. Took me 15 minutes to assemble and install. The air quality has improved 1000%. We've been monitoring high dust areas in the house and the change is obvious. The sneezing has all but disappeared. We are 100% satisfied.

  • Great product, Great Service!

    Posted by: Joe L.


    Excellent transaction, Fast shipping.

  • Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: D.S.


    The customer service rep was very helpful. I appreciated his helpfulness.

  • Upgrade Kit for Model 2400 Air Filter

    Posted by: John H. Gregory


    The frame in the kit was VERY easy to assemble. However, I had a lot of trouble sliding the filter itself onto the frame -- probably my problem. Finally got it on and everything appears to be OK.

  • Upgrade kit

    Posted by: Mr & Mrs. Jack Hagel


    It took us just little bit of figuring, and had it installed in no time. Didn't even have to call for additional instructions. Appreciated the courteous information on the telephone. Had taken us a year to get to that point. No one locally had any info at all.

  • Very Satisfied

    Posted by: Peter


    I bought this kit when I was looking for replacement filters online as my local AC firm was closed over the holidays. I's a good product and easy to install. I've been very happy with my Aprilaire products (furnace filter and humidifier) for 12+ years. And this is one of the better online stores for this type of consumer product - I'll be purchasing online from now on.

  • great product

    Posted by: AD


    Easy assembly, great fit.

  • good

    Posted by: naomi Mcmillan


    I am more than pleased with the product. I could tell a differece in my breathing almost immediately. I could not believe it could make such a difference. It had been too long since the filter had been replaced. Thanks, thanks. Naomi

  • It's fine

    Posted by: reglisse


    It was shipped quickly and it was easy to put the kit together and install it. I am looking forward to not lugging those giant filters around.

  • Hoping for the Best

    Posted by: Satisfied customer


    The service was prompt and couteous. The kit arrived within 48 hours of the order. Easy to install. Hoping the upgrade increases performance.

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit for 2140

    Posted by: james wagner


    It was an easy to install kit which appears more complete in forcing air though the filter with closed ends pressing against the frame. My wife is having mold problems. She gets headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness,and difficulty sleeping. It is a second furnace with aprilaire. The other is a 5000 and we got a new filter and screen there at the same time. I don't know what you can tell me that would make it better. We have had the ducts vacuum cleaned; and entire house cleaned and painted two months ago. We thought we were doing great; but the weather shifted to winter and I think that humidity is a factor. It is getting better and I don't know what you can tell me. I think you equipment is working as it should. James Wagner

  • Great Service

    Posted by: Steve Wetzel


    Upgrade kit installed easily. When I called on the phone the phone was answered quickly and all my questions were answered.

  • Great product

    Posted by: Steve


    I installed it in my furnace and was very simple and quick. I am a little concerned that the cost of the filters that are to be utilized are more money than the old style with the combs/separators.

  • Upgrade kit

    Posted by: Mike


    It was easy to install and works great. Thank you

  • upgrade

    Posted by: oilworker@sbcglobal.net


    The upgrade was fast and easy to do,it really surprise me how easy it was to do

  • Easy to install

    Posted by: Tyler S.


    This was an incredibly easy upgrade, and I can see how this will make future replacements even easier. Took about 10 minutes. Thanks!

  • Upgrade kit

    Posted by: Russ


    Good engineering. Worked perfectly.

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit for Model 2400 and2140

    Posted by: Walt Gorenflo


    Ordered the kit and it was delivered in a timely fashion. Struggled with the frame until I realized that it wouldn't fit inside the housing. I was able to install the filter w/o the frame even though it said that I needed it. That was a waste of my $$$. I really like the effectiveness of the new filter. It appears to do a better job than the old style.

  • Upgrade was eazy

    Posted by: Glen


    Worked just like the phone guy said it would. Installed in about 10 minutes.

  • Easy

    Posted by: David


    I found assembling and installing the upgrade kit was very easy. The directions were clear and the new filter was in in minutes.

  • Feedback

    Posted by: Anand


    Efficient, on time and competitive prices! Simple and easy to use estore!

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: Anonymous


    easy to assemble and install

  • Upgrade

    Posted by: home owner


    Services were great....

  • Fast and easy!

    Posted by: Gangstamom


    This order came in two days, my son and I put it together and popped it in. Couldn't have been easier. Now I just want to find somewhere to recycle the old plastic framework for the filter. Thank you, Aprilaire, for making this so painless.

  • Easy upgrade

    Posted by: Josh


    Customer service was very helpful when I needed to verify that this upgrade worked with the Aprilaire unit in a home we purchased. Installation was easy and the new filters seem much simpler to deal with than the previous box-and-comb setup.

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit for Model 2400 and 2140

    Posted by: D'Jane Brown


    Thanks for such fast service. The upgrade went together very easily and quickly and the air output of my unit is back where it should be. 5 stars

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: W.J.M.


    This is a great improvement. No longer do I have to dispose of all that plastic.

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit Review

    Posted by: JVE


    The kit was shipped promptly and was easy to install.

  • resale house

    Posted by: EriePA


    never had one of these units before....bought replacement filter online , easy as pie. did the upgrade kit , easy too. thanks! and it came pretty fast.

  • Easy to Install

    Posted by: D


    The kit was very easy to assemble and install. Delivered on time as promised.

  • Easy Upgrade

    Posted by: Mike


    We purchased our ~10yr old house last year. It had installed a model 2400 filter. Our inspector told us that these units were nice and to replace the filter in a year. I decided to get the upgrade kit based on the video of how easy it was to assemble. The new media also intrigued me. I had pulled the old filter and wondered how to replace it. The install was fine. The assembly of the new tray to hold the new media was very easy. The instructions were OK, but I found the video to be more helpful. I like the new style of media, but am a bit concerned as how it can filter as good as the old because it seems so much smaller. All in all I am happy with the purchase and install.

  • 1413 upgrade kit

    Posted by: TC Koncsics


    I was very pleased with the Aprilaire 1413 upgrade kit I purchased directly. Thank you for your recommendation to replace my original filter with this upgraded filter.

  • upgrade kit

    Posted by: Anonymous


    The upgrade kit was easy to install and it works great.I was also pleased with the price.

  • Model 2400 Upgrade

    Posted by: Phil Hyatt


    The customre service rep was great and the installation was very simple. It works great now.

  • Upgrade kit

    Posted by: TontoPollo


    Very easy upgrading the filter as promised. Delivery very fast. Not 5 stars only because prices are greater then Aprilaire resellers... but I wanted be sure to have 'original parts!'.

  • Excellent Service by Phyllis

    Posted by: Jessica Bohn


    We just bought a new house and I had never seen such a strange A-C filter. After researching, we called Aprilaire and I had the good fortune of reaching Phyllis. She was super polite and helpful. And the product I needed was on sale. I had an excellent experience with Aprilaire and am no longer nervous about our new system and filters. Thank you!

  • New Product Design

    Posted by: Ron Kmetovicz


    I like the new filter design. Easy to install. Works great!

  • Upgrade kit for Model 2400

    Posted by: Arthur Held


    The upgrade kit is easy to install and a vast improvement over the original.

  • Very reliable Product and great experience with customer service/ordering provess

    Posted by: SAGAR


    Ordered the upgrade kit for my home unit and couldnt be happier with the ease of install and the courtesy and professionalism shown by the folks taking the orders over the phone. Will most definitely return as a customer in the future.

  • Filter upgrade

    Posted by: hoban2212


    I'm not sure I like the filter it doesn't fit all the way to the top of the compartment which means air and dust get through.

  • upgrade

    Posted by: David Holmes


    Upgrade was easy to do.

  • very happy

    Posted by: Anonymous


    installation was quite easy and it works well too.

  • thank you!

    Posted by: Jean Hoyt


    Excellent service; you shipped it out quickly and we're glad to have the new filter for our furnace- Thank you- Jean Hoyt

  • Great product - coupon sealed the deal

    Posted by: tbauman


    Great product, very easy to install. Replacement of filter will be super easy. Receiving coupon in the mail was the initiative to order.

  • Great Deal!

    Posted by: Will Armendariz


    The service and the price were very reasonable. The frame and filter were easy to assemble and install. I feel I saved a bundle by instaling the new filter myself.

  • Upgrade Kit model 2400

    Posted by: Anita Marshall


    It was a little tricky getting the filter to fit in space allocated since it did not have the plastic container like the old one. Otherwise, I am satisfied with it.

  • 2400 replacement

    Posted by: cbr1100xx


    Piece of cake to install and assemble. Happy with overall process from order to install

  • !2: 09, i 28 11

    Posted by: rich


    easily installed.Will order again

  • 1:04p.m. 1-28011

    Posted by: Pete Smith


    Easier than previous model to install. I do not see any less dust in the house & I just had my HVAC system checked and vents sealed to prevent as much dust as possible.

  • great upgrade

    Posted by: carole


    Best thing I ever did!! Installation was a 'snap', literally.

  • Easy to install, great product!

    Posted by: Randy Martin


    Product was very easy to install. Great product!

  • Upgrade kit`

    Posted by: Craig Z


    Upgrade kit was welcomed change from existing filter mount. Simple to assemble & quick to put into place. Customer service very helpful on phone, will call again!!

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: Jim D


    Easy to install. Looks like it will capture more dust.

  • 1413 updtae kit for model 2400

    Posted by: Joe D.


    Thank you for your great service and quick delivery. The 1413 up-date kit was very easy to install and we are looking foreword to improved air quality in the house. You made this purchase very easy and provided great customer service and follow-up. Thanks for a job well done, Joe D.

  • Upgrade Kit for Model 2400

    Posted by: Carol Coleman


    Customer service was very helpful in returning incorrect kit and sending correct one. Also helpful with installation instructions. Thanks.

  • Upgrade Kit for AC

    Posted by: Linda


    Easy to install. Great upgrade.

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit for Model 2400 and2140

    Posted by: Salvatore Lamacchia


    I mentioned to the repair technician who came by for preventive maintenance on my central air system that I may not have to change the filter for 2 years and he doubted that claim. He feels I'll still need to change the filter every year.

  • 1413 Uprgrade Kit

    Posted by: Debbie


    It was great! Really easy to install and the the filters slide in so fast. Much better than the older model.

  • Easy to install

    Posted by: Ma Sam


    Upgrade kit was easy to install. They say it filters out more, so I guess it was worth it.

  • Happy With Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Arrived quickly and was exactly as advertised. Easy to put together and install.

  • Thank You!

    Posted by: Daniel Lee


    I'm very happy with the upgrade kit and its quick delivery. Your service was GREAT! Thanks, Daniel

  • Upgrade Kit for 2400 and 2140

    Posted by: DAG


    Love the new upgrade kit. Assembly was easy as silk (took about 5 to 8 minutes to assemble it); took about 1 to 2 minutes to install it; and now it will take in the future about 1 minute to replace the filters!

  • glad I did it

    Posted by: Anonymous


    I bought the upgrade at a replacement for my original 2410 filter which was well overdue for a new one. The assembly was simple (I consulted your video..thanks). There was improvement in performance that could be felt by the next day. The AC works less and keeps the house at the desired temperature more easily.

  • Upgrade kit

    Posted by: Anonymous


    product exactly as described. Arrived very fast. Very good purchase

  • review

    Posted by: mary


    I assume it was put in correctly and don't recognize a difference, should I???

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit

    Posted by: Paul Dudash


    The kit is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much for recommending it, Kindest regards,

  • 1413 Upgrade kit

    Posted by: hec in pa


    Simplist conversion I've ever done. Video on the website was very useful.

  • elated

    Posted by: EEWilson


    Very happy about the upgrade kit. Just wish I had contacted you earlier. I could have saved $90.

  • upgrade kit

    Posted by: jhampton


    Very easy to install.Noticed the difference very soon.Really helps decrease dust accumulation in my house.

  • 1413 Upgrade Kit for Model 2400 and 2140

    Posted by: Tim Watkins


    Fine product. No problems.

  • Review of service

    Posted by: Ed Erbesfield


    Service was excellent in all areas

  • My Upgrade Order

    Posted by: Gene Jorgenson


    As usual, I had no problems with either ordering or with the arival of the upgrade kit.

  • Postcard offer was compelling...

    Posted by: Fred


    i responded to a postcard offer for $25 off and free shipping for an upgrade kit. after that discount, the price was identical to the lowest price i could find elsewhere on the internet. how do you beat that? without a stick, you cannot.

  • April air upgrade kit

    Posted by: Heidi


    The representative to suggested I Buy this was so helpful. She made my life a lot easier. Thanks! I'm assuming it's working fine. Easy to install, just like she said.

  • Review of Upgraded Filter

    Posted by: Dennis W. Gaines


    The customer representative was very professional She made the purchase an enjoyable experience. Even though the replacement was rather easy, the directions could have been a little clearer. My filter housing was turned 90 degrees compared to the description. Also, was concerned that maybe I had placed the filter upside down because it was beside the furnace instead of on top of it. I was also concerned about the large opening that remained when the original cassette was removed and the upgraded frame was installed. All and all a pleasant experience.