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Aprilaire Pleat Spacer 4119 for Model 2200 (5-Pack)

Aprilaire Pleat Spacer 4119 for Model 2200 (5-Pack). Eliminate combs with the Model 2200 Upgrade Kit! IT'S EASY, order the upgrade kit 1213. This component looks like a large comb. It is designed to support the filtering media for even loading of particulate throughout the Air Purifier media. This will ensure maximum life from it. There are five pleat spacers in every Model 2200 and 2250.
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Get it straight from the source!  Genuine Aprilaire replacement parts made by Aprilaire in Wisconsin U.S.A.





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  • rediculously fragile - outraged by mfg. cost to replace

    Posted by: Jumpinjiff


    Really? How can Aprilaire expect to develop any customer loyalty when they produce a fragile product and then gouge their customers to replace the poorly designed parts? Man up Aprilaire and start treating your customers like they mean something to you.

  • Pleat spacer

    Posted by: Charlie


    Poor design. Ends break off of spacers.

  • Pleat spacers break far too easily

    Posted by: Kevin Brown


    I can't be gentle enough with these combs. Both sides of ALL 5 spacers have now broken and they're $52 to replace! I love your air cleaner, and I can live with the $26 filters, but these spacers need to be made much tougher.

  • Aprilaire2200

    Posted by: Margaret Land


    In south Texas the filter lasts about 3 months --how do I know? I wake up 2-3 am with a sinus headache. When I replace the filter then the headaches stop.This design is really bad-- time-consuming, my skin itches after contact with the media. I miss the 3M Filtrete filters that I replaced easily each month. My husband had this unit installed but filter replacement falls to me. I have allergies and must have good indoor air. He finds replacement easy but the job still falls to me.

  • pleat spacer

    Posted by: Vic


    The ends have a tendency to break off and the only way to use them is fastening the ends to the frame with tape each time you change the filter The spacers are too expensive to keep replacing them. Has a very poor design.