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Aprilaire Maintenance Kit 4837

Aprilaire Humidifier Maintenance Kit 4837 includes everything you need to keep your Aprilaire Humidifier 560, 560A and 568 operating like new. Ensure peak performance for every season!

The maintenance kit 4837 contents include:
  • Water Panel 35
  • Scale Control Insert 4236
  • Water Distribution Tray 4277
  • Feed Tube and Compression Sleeve 4266
  • Orifice 4231
  • Drain Spud 4223
  • Nozzle 4184
  • Inline Strainer 4004
  • Owner's Manual

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Get it straight from the source!
  • Genuine Aprilaire replacement parts made by Aprilaire in Wisconsin U.S.A.
  • Made specifically for Aprilaire humidifier for best fit and performance




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  • Great Package

    Posted by: DAS


    Excellent package to replace critical components. Thanks for making it simple!

  • Very Satisfied

    Posted by: thanley


    Web site easy to use. Prices are good. Received order on second day after ordering.

  • Easy Install

    Posted by: Brad


    Easy to install with included detailed instructions.

  • maintenance kit

    Posted by: jennifer


    the site is easy to use, they always have what i need. shipping is reasonable and pretty fast. thanks

  • My humidifier works like new again

    Posted by: dudzcivic


    Fast delivery, clear instruction and all parts fits well. We bought a house with Aprilaire 560 installed and it seems the previous owner didn't maintain it properly. Water supply pipe that goes to unit was clogged and the water panel needs to be replaced. With this kit the humidifier works like new again.

  • Replacement kit

    Posted by: Lbklaiher


    Good kit. Got our system up and running

  • Fixed the problem caused by crappy 3rd party filters

    Posted by: Mike S.


    Used some crappy cardboard filters (that claimed to be from Aprilaire) that clogged the system and burned out the pump motors. With the kit and Aprilaire's filters (legit ones/bought from Aprilaire) all is now great!

  • Aprilaire Review

    Posted by: Kakempel


    It is so easy to replace a water panel. Even a clutz should be able to do it, unless of course they can't tie their own shoes. Replace it annually!

  • Great Quality!!

    Posted by: Greg


    Very happy with super fast service. New maintenace kit is working great!! Very easy to install...thank you.

  • maintenance kit 4837

    Posted by: wayne


    Great buy online after "Black Friday". The instructions were easy to follow and the material of good quality. Shipping was on time as promised. Will shop here again

  • Maintenance Kit 4387

    Posted by: Barney


    Everything arrived quickly, all of the parts were there and they fit my unit perfectly. Good Job

  • Easy

    Posted by: pg


    Great product, went together easy and works like brand new

  • Aprilaire Kit.

    Posted by: Tiger37@sbcglobal.


    Thank you so much for getting to me so fast. It was easy to install because the directions were very clear on what to do . It is working fine. Thank you again. Carol Zehner

  • Aprilair humidifier repair kit

    Posted by: Susan McGavic


    The kit was shipped very promptly, and my son-in-law, who had located your web site, was able to install it quickly. We haven't yet turned it on but will do so this weekend. So far, no problems.

  • 560

    Posted by: TNAS



  • aprilaire kit

    Posted by: lee ramsburg


    received kit in very short time and everything fit perfectly. It took only 15 minutes to complete the project.

  • 4837 Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: RH


    I discovered the kit when looking on the web site to order just new media. It arrived promptly, was easy to install and has my old 560 working like new. It corrected a restricted water flow problem and was well worth the cost.

  • Don't bother with the maint kit for 560.

    Posted by: Rocky


    We've lived in this house for a couple years and I don't know when the system was last serviced or if it ever was. I got the maint kit when I finally got around to servicing the system. Don't bother buying the maint kit, just buy a new water panel. There is a water panel and a few other parts included in the kit. The only thing that has a chance of needing replacement is the water orifice and strainer (mine were OK). Just about everything can be reused from your old system.

  • Replacement Kit was a cinch!

    Posted by: Mary


    My filter hadn't been replaced for nearly 15 years so I ordered the entire maintenance kit and did it myself. Instructions were clear and it took me less than 10 minutes!

  • new parts for humidifier

    Posted by: peanutmom


    I am thrilled with the new parts. I didn't realize what a difference it would make. My old parts were moldy and I could smell the mold throughout the house. I even had the hoses changed. What a difference.

  • Aprilaire Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: R. Wheeler


    I ordered a maintenance kit for my Aprilaire 560. The kit arrived quickly and was easily installed. Unfortunately, the kit did not resolve my underlying problem - excess flow. Subsequent calls (all received by friendly and helpful people) resulted in a home test of the flow and ultimately a suggestion to order a subsequent part (which was part of the original maintenance kit. Overall experience was generally good except that problem still exists.

  • 4837 Maint Kit

    Posted by: jerryd


    Worked just fine; no problems; just what I needed. We have hard H2O & the old stuff was totally clogged. Got the humidity gauege at the same time & humidity during this winter is just where it needs to be. No static; life inside is good. Thanks.

  • Great Products

    Posted by: Stephen L. Lucas


    Your on line catalog was perfect. The parts were perfect and even I could instal them. Can not beat that with a stick Thank you

  • Ordering 4837 Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: Varant Hagopian


    Easy to order. Order promptly filled.

  • Very Convenient

    Posted by: All Thumbs


    No need to figure out a bunch of part numbers, its all there in one convenient kit. Much easier than soaking parts for days and now it looks like new.

  • exactly as needed

    Posted by: shawk


    I waited too long to perform this simple maintenance. It only takes 20 minutes or so and it greatly improves the performance of your unit. Depending on your water, you may be able to do this maintenance every 2 or 3 years, but consider doing it each year.

  • Repair kit just what was needed

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Only other thing I needed was a replacement condensate pump.

  • Good repair kit

    Posted by: Ken


    The Aprilaire kid was exactly what o ordered and was easy to install. I was pleased

  • No installation guidance provided

    Posted by: Stan Marecki


    I purchased the kit noted above, but since this was for my new home, and the old parts were not in the unit I was having a problem with connecting the water supply line to the top of the pad. I tried looking on the web site but was not able to find anything on this connection. Please let me know were I could find these directions.