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Aprilaire Maintenance Kit 4750

Aprilaire Humidifier Maintenance Kit 4750 keeps your Aprilaire Humidifier 700, 700A, 700M, 760, 760A and 768 operating like new. Ensure peak performance for years to come.

The maintenance kit 4750 contents include:

  • Water Panel 35

  • Scale Control Insert 4236

  • Water Distribution Tray 4246

  • Feed Tube and Compression Sleeve 4235

  • Orifice 4232

  • Inline Strainer 4004

  • Owner's Manual

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Get it straight from the source!

  • Genuine Aprilaire replacement parts made by Aprilaire in Poynette Wisconsin U.S.A.

  • Made specifically for Aprilaire humidifier for best fit and performance




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  • Good Experience All Around

    Posted by: William Allan Royce


    The maintenance kit I ordered for my Model 700 humidifier shipped promptly and arrived in good condition. The instructions for its installation were clear. I had the new parts installed in record time.

  • Tune Up Kit for our 760 Model

    Posted by: JBS


    We bought a house with a 760 Humidifier built into the furnace, but I don't think it has been serviced since it was installed 12 years ago. The kit I ordered arrived much faster than I thought and provided everything I needed to revive the old system. Seems to be working great !

  • Good product

    Posted by: Anonymous


    When I looked into my Aprilaire humidifier in a house I just bought there was nothing inside it. Looked up the website and bought the maintenance kit and it had everything I needed to get the humidifier up and running.

  • Maint Kit #4750

    Posted by: Scott W


    Parts were delivered on time and exactly as promised, very easily installed. Model 700 has been a great investment.

  • replacement kit

    Posted by: D.Quinn


    Everything was great. Thanks.

  • Who needs the HVAC Guy

    Posted by: Jon


    Thanks for the great product. Recently had our HVAC guy out to check on both units I have (700's) and replace the filters. 1 of the units was leaking, once done changing them and leaving I returned from work only to find the problem still there. Ordered the kits, changed the leaking units out myself and presto no more leak. So really who needs a repair man if they dont want to use genuine parts. You guys are great, units are 10 years old and awesome.

  • Maintenance Kit #4750 for Aprilaire Model 700

    Posted by: Stevie


    Easy to install, and instructions are complete and accurate. Comes with an inline filter, but it did not fit in the model of solenoid valve that I have on my unit (installed valve has no filter). Other than poor placement of unit (by original installer) for ease of maintenance, this was an easy install and could be handled by anyone with minimal DIY experience. (Make sure plumbing connection is tight and check for leaks after, and you should be golden.)

  • first time purchase from aprilaire

    Posted by: jeniknip@yahoo.com


    This was my first purchase from Aprilaire. It was very easy to find what i needed and shipment was very efficient. I received the product way before I thought I would. VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. I will shop again when needed.

  • Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: R. Schroedter


    Fast service..great kit,everything working like new.Easy to do!

  • Cost and Service

    Posted by: Ron M


    I got what I needed and it came quickly but it was at an outrageously high price. Unfortunately, this was the only place I could find what I needed.

  • Worked a treat!

    Posted by: Chris B


    Received this a day after ordering, fitted it immediately and no issues. Checked for leaks, etc. after refitting water tube and everything is fine. The filter tray was also the updated version with the material at the top to evenly disperse the water flow.

  • 12-Oct-12

    Posted by: Jeffery Buffington


    It worked with no problem and no leaking at all Jeff Buffington

  • 10/2/12

    Posted by: Jeff


    Hi, I installed all new parts, very easy, but I have not try it yet because we still have high humidity here with 53%. I probably will use by next month and see if it runs fine or not. I will let you know asap I turn the humidity Model 700 on. Thank you.

  • Replacement Filter

    Posted by: Scott


    Super easy installation. Great price and expeditiously delivered.

  • good results

    Posted by: tom morgan


    used parts from this maintenance kit to modify a bad design on a 10yr old similar april aire unit. no one could identify the old model so i took a chance and ordered this kit. main peice i changed was the top distribution tray and also changed the filter grid

  • Kiy

    Posted by: RVA


    Works very well, always advisable to have spares on hand.

  • Replacement parts

    Posted by: Sue


    So nice to have both huidifiers working again! The parts were easy to install..just neede a small bucket to catch the drips. Great customer service!

  • Leaking badly

    Posted by: SBerk


    This kit is what I needed. The installation was very easy and fast. No more leaks works like new highly recommend this kit. I know I will install it every season to avoid any more trouble.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    Posted by: M Jordan


    I was a little skeptical about purchasing my 4750 Maintenance Kit for my Aprilaire Humidifier, but the ordering through the website as a breeze. The shipment only took a couple of days to arrive and surprising I was able to easily replace the new filter for the old one. I think the hardest thing about this replacing the filter was actually sitting down to place the order and getting the cover off the humidier because of its location in my utility room. Other than that, I can honestly say I am completely satisfied with the product, the price and the ease of ordering this product. I also took advantage of the deal and order 2 additional replacement filters at the same time.

  • ordering parts for Aprilaire

    Posted by: Cynthia


    Wonderful, quick service!

  • Great service and product

    Posted by: Dennis Silvis


    No reason to buy anywhere else Excellent

  • Great response

    Posted by: M Dennis


    Very happy with quick response and delivery of ordered parts! No need for technician house-call for maintenance ever again.

  • Aprilaire Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: Dave Halvorsen


    The humidifier is working great now, thanks.

  • Product Review

    Posted by: Ronald Johnson


    Product was excellent

  • 4750 Maintenance Kit is it!

    Posted by: Jeff T.


    I recently purchased the 4750 Maintenance Kit for my Aprilaire 760 Humidifier. It arrived within days of ordering it and fit into the existing humidifier within minutes. The only suggestion I have is for the company to lengthen the tube an inch (this would make it easier to install). Thanks Aprilaire!

  • 4750 maintenance kit

    Posted by: John


    Order placement and delivery of product was rapid and satisfying. I will be ordering additional products in the near future. Many thanks

  • Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: DD


    Too easy....

  • a bit pricey, but kit works well

    Posted by: whj


    After more than seven years of operating my Model 700 with only an annual replacement of the evaporator, strainer, and orifice, I ordered the entire maintenance kit this year. As usual, everything was easily ordered, promptly delivered, and installed without too much hassle. Thanks, Aprilaire! (Now if you could just cut those prices a bit ...)

  • 4750 Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: Paula


    Ordered then returned as my air conditioning/heating expert cleaned current unit so well he said didn't need this kit.

  • Aprilaire 700 Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: John in Colorado


    Excellent service! The kit arrived within a few days. All parts totally fit, and were straightforward to install.

  • Reply to feedback request

    Posted by: Douglas Everett


    Well, I already contacted you once to tell you that I was thoroughly satisfied. Doing it myself saves me a bundle over my HVAC contractor. I've purchased the filter before but not the kit. Only snag was trying to remove the old in-line strainer. I finally fished it out with a nail. After that everything went smoothly. Oh, just a note, the feed tube was just barely long enough and the default bend was opposite my installation. With a little coaxing I was able to sort it all out. I suffer from eczema so I really really need good humidification. I'm sure I'll be back next year to place another order!

  • 4750 Maint Kit

    Posted by: Peter BIlls


    The feed tube was so stiff and warped from being wrapped backwards that I was unable to straighten enough to install it. Had to continue using the old one.

  • Service

    Posted by: Richard Fogg


    Good service and I would recommend you to others.

  • pleasant surprise

    Posted by: W. Mitchell


    I was happy to find the maintenance kit was so easy to install. It arrived sooner than expected.

  • Simple and efficient

    Posted by: Evan


    I've had an Aprilaire humidifier for 5 years now, and I JUST now purchased the maintenance kit. First off, I am surprised that I never had a problem with it, especially with all of the minerals I have in my water. I ordered the kit online and it was at my door in 3 days. Ordering was very easy and shipment was fast. I did find the instructions lacking a bit, but if you take a few moments to examine how you removed the old water panel, installing the new one is really quite simple. The old one was VERY crusted over, so it was way past time to replace it. I'll see how successful my install job was when the Chicago winter arrives, but the overall experience was simple and efficient.

  • First Order

    Posted by: ErickP


    I received everything I ordered in a timely manner. Would order from Aprilaire again.

  • great buy

    Posted by: vmac


    the kit was great and easy to install. The directions to replace the hose were a little confusing but it was easy to figure out with a little common sense. It is up and running great after replacing the old parts.

  • Exceptional Service & Solid Products

    Posted by: J. Troup


    I recently purchased the 4750 Maintenance Kit and it turned out the kit was NOT delivered to my door (despite claims to the contrary by the shipper). Aprilaire kindly offered to replace the "lost" shipment at no additional cost to me... I will certainly do business with Aprilaire in the future (although I will probably be avoiding that shipper). I have had the Model 768 Whole House Humidifier for nearly 10 years, and it has worked very well. Just what we are ALL looking for: a Company with products that do what they are supposed to, and will back those products with exceptional customer service. Thank you, Aprilaire!

  • Review

    Posted by: Victor Cain


    Ordered the 4750 maintenance kit. ordering was a snap and the order came in 3 days and every thing fit.

  • Replacement kit

    Posted by: JD


    Arrived very quick and was exactly what I needed for my specific Aprilaire system. Thank you

  • review aprilaire model

    Posted by: Danny


    Shipping very fast and very happy with product!!5 Stars!!

  • Aprilaire Maintenance

    Posted by: camera41


    I have had my Aprilaire 700 for a few years now. It worked fine for a year or two w/no maintenance, then it developed drips and water puddled in the floor under it. I am a do-it-yourselfer so I opened it and seen the water panel was crusted over so I got a new one. This helped but there was always drips, a pan under it helped. This year for the first time I read the manuel and seen what Aprilaire had to say about Maint. I concluded that the maker has spent much time, effort and money to deliver a product that would perform, people would buy and reccommend. Following their advice, this year I purchased the Maintenance kit for my model and installed it as prescribed. This was fairly simple and required no special tools or expertise. The humiderfier is performing like new, no leaks, no drip pan and the air is wonderful. Do like Aprilaire recommmends and be maintenance free for a year. Highly recommend this product. I have gas heat and over the past 37 years tried all the ways of replacing the moisture in the air. This includes: an add on to spray a fine mist into the duct, stand alones (three types)that I had to fill w/buckets, one that was plumbed in and small humiderfiers in each room. Now after 37 years in this house the problem is finally solved and the maintenance is minor if I follow Aprilaire's advice

  • Outstanding service

    Posted by: jpk


    Another winter in Chicago and my Aprilaire is my friend. After 2 years I looked up the website and found a maintenance kit. Nice price and value, easy to order, and it arrived 3 days later. I'll by "Made in USA" every time.

  • Happy customer

    Posted by: Michael DeFrancesco


    Everything worked well. Thanks

  • Aprilaire Maintenance Kit

    Posted by: Mike Kaiser ~ Baltimore, Md.


    I purchased the 4750 Maintenance Kit ~ Cost was reasonable, shipment timely, instructions simple and the installation was easy. Recommend this kit as an annual maintenance item for your humidifier.

  • Easy ordering, great phone support

    Posted by: Marty


    I'll say upfront that I thought the price of the maintenance kit for my whole-house humidifier was a bit high, but the online ordering was easy and when I thought a part was missing I called and was quickly connected to a very nice and patient man who helped me track it down. He never made me feel like I was at fault or they were going to fight me over sending a replacement, and when I found it he didn't rub it in. That's a five-star experience!

  • 4750 Maintenance Kit for Aprilaire Model 700

    Posted by: M.A. Kromer


    Excellent service and delivery was within 3 days. Humidifier works like new.

  • Great support by Aprilaire

    Posted by: Jamie Flournoy


    We ordered this kit and struggled getting everything working as it should. We called Aprilaire support and they couldn't have been more helpful. We finally have a working humidifier and we're very happy customers!

  • Satisfaction

    Posted by: Thomas McGonigle


    I am comletely satisfied. 5 stars.

  • very satisfied with service

    Posted by: Michael Juda


    Thank You for stocking the parts I needed for my aprilaire model. service was very fast and courteous.I will be ordering again. THANKS.