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Aprilaire Feed Tube with Sleeve 4266 - For models 560, 560A and 568 humidifier

The Aprilaire Feed Tube with Sleeve 4266 is the feed tube and compression sleeve for the Models 560, 568 and 560A. This connects to the solenoid valve, part number 4040, and attaches to the distribution tray, 4277 at the top of the unit. Also see part number 4837 maintenance kit.
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  • Would like one more plastic sleeve

    Posted by: Anonymous


    The previous reviewer was quite helpful. As was stated, this part includes the tube, yellow flow reducer, water solenoid inlet brass nut, inlet strainer, and one white plastic sleeve. Evidently, they want you to reuse the water solenoid outlet brass nut and plastic sleeve. OK on the brass nut, but I prefer to have a new sleeve. This is a hardware store item. Reusing the old sleeve is probably OK, too. As an installation tip, soak the tubing in a bucket of hot water first to make it more pliable.

  • Feed Tube feedback

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Glad I was able to easily find this online direct from Aprilaire. Note that the Yellow Orifice (4231) and the In Line Strainer (4004) are ALSO included. It would have been nice to know this BEFORE I purchased these parts separately when purchasing the Feed Tube (4266). Guess I'll keep the extra parts for preventative maintenance in the future (lofty ambition).