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Aprilaire Feed Tube and Nozzle 4079 - For Models 350, 360 and 440

The Aprilaire Feed Tube and Nozzle 4079 is the water feed tube inside the humidifier, which connects the solenoid valve and then to the nozzle (#4184) at the top of the unit, which connects to the distribution tray (#4182 for Models 350 and 360.) Includes #4004 In-Line Strainer and #4232 Blue Orifice. Also includes compression sleeve and compression nut. Also see #4785 maintenance kit for models 350 and 360.

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Get it straight from the source! Genuine Aprilaire replacement parts made by Aprilaire in Poynette Wisconsin U.S.A.





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  • My feed tube snapped off .....

    Posted by: tjsmolich


    .....about an inch from the end of the feed tube that hooks into the L-shaped water nozzle that hooks on to the water filtration tray above the filtration panel. I asm unable to remove the other end of the feed tube from the bottom of the unit where it looks like it hooks into the solenoid. Is this other end suppossed to be able to be removed or is it a permanent connection that may just be oxidized on to the unit at the bottom of the humidifier unit ?? I can not get it off and am hesitant to force it so it does not break. Any one experienced this before ?? Instead of replacing the whole feed tube it looks like I am going to have to hook a short rubber tube extension to hook up to where the tow pieces of the feed tube broke off. Thanks TJSmolich@Yahoo.com