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Aprilaire 501 Air Filters

Aprilaire 501 Air Filters are designed for effective contaminant removal from your air stream.

  • Aprilaire 501 Air Filters fit the Aprilaire Model 5000 Air Purifier
  • Replace Aprilaire 501 Air Filters annually
  • Traps 99% of airborne pollen, mold and spore-sized particles
  • Eliminates 98% of airborne bacteria-sized particles
  • Removes 94% of dust the EPA reports can trigger asthma
Trust Genuine Aprilaire® Filters for best fit and efficiency.
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  • Trust Genuine Aprilaire® Filters for best fit and efficiency.




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  • Great Service

    Posted by: Linda Crichton


    Was pleased with product and speed of delivery. Price was great and free shipping was a bonus.

  • 5 Stars

    Posted by: Dick Kimmel


    Good Value with free shipping. I am a do it your self individual!

  • Simplicity of order

    Posted by: Vern Gemeinhardt


    Great service, great price & super fast shipping !!! Thank you

  • longtime aprilaire user

    Posted by: Anonymous


    easy online experience with quick delivery !

  • easy

    Posted by: pg123


    Needed to replace the filter media so i ordered from the estore and found it quickly and recieved it on time. Easy to follow instructions and was done in less than 10 minutes

  • excellent service

    Posted by: janice


    Your service was prompt, professional & economical. Thank you. Janice King

  • Replacement of air cleaner

    Posted by: Chas Norris


    I just replaced the filter. First time to replace an Aprilaire filter. It went good. I am well satisfied with the Aprilaire filter.

  • Great!

    Posted by: Lisa, Ohio


    No problems. Loved the sale price in Feb. and the Free shipping too!

  • owner

    Posted by: T.Hall


    Difficult to install the separators(tines)

  • Happy customer

    Posted by: mike in Michigan


    The filters arrived early and were easy to install.

  • Prompt service

    Posted by: Me


    I ordered 2 filters & received them the net day. It was almost half the price of what the contractor we bought the air cleaner from quoted me. I found a video on Utube that explained the process of installing it. Everything is working great!

  • Ease of installation

    Posted by: R. Frederick


    The quality of both items was very high and the installations instructions were very good. Will buy again next year.

  • Easy DIY

    Posted by: Handy Chick


    Not sure why I ever paid someone $150 to change this for me...so easy to install on my own! Easy online ordering and quick delivery. Very satisfied.

  • Ease of order

    Posted by: Michael


    The part fit are in. I am satisfied with the ordering process. The material arrived within the time provided. I should have ordered it sooner. Installation was smooth this being my first time replacing the media.

  • Thank You

    Posted by: Clyde Sample


    Excellent Service

  • owner

    Posted by: owner


    I thing you are thinking right with your pricing, the more you buy the better the price.

  • owner

    Posted by: owner


    excellent service and delievery

  • 5000 Air Cleaner

    Posted by: BM


    Ordered two replacement units because of the discountand they arrived quickly. Replacing the media for the first time went well and instructions seemed quite clear. Having said that it indicated rotating the seperators but I believe snapping them out is a more appropriate instruction

  • Prompt Service

    Posted by: Tofans


    Bought two to have a replacement on-hand when needed. Appreciated the volume discount, and prompt delivery.

  • Great Experience

    Posted by: Hofmann


    We have been purchasing products for our Air Cleaner from this website for several years. Always a great experience. Products arrive quickly and not damaged. Would highly recommend to friends and neighbors.

  • good service

    Posted by: CM


    #501 media for our Aprilaire air cleaner was easy to install with directions on box. Cost was less than our furnace contractor/installer was going to charge. We have ordered on line for 2 years, and appreciate the good service.

  • Thanks

    Posted by: M Maloney


    Great service - ordering direct from Aprilaire saves me at least 45% for filters as opposed to my service provider (even with shipping).

  • Delivery arrived in record time. Thanks.

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Well done.

  • Great Service

    Posted by: Casey


    I always order my filters direct from Aprilaire. Genuine part is guaranteed. There's always some discount for ordering more than one, and shipping has always been free. It makes sense to get them from the source. Our house is practically dust free, so the filter system is obviously highly effective.

  • Easy Installation

    Posted by: Ryon


    I was worried if this would be over complicated. Super easy!! Shipping was a little slow, but the price was nice.

  • Again Many Thanks

    Posted by: Joe Budz


    If I'm in need of filters or new product I will be back in contact with your company.

  • Aprilaire installed

    Posted by: Betty L. Davis


    The package arrived intact. My daughter and I installed the filter. I had installed the last one myself, so knew how to do it. I had called the dealer that installed the furnace and the Aprilaire last summer. They were to come and check the furnace and install a new filter but never showed up. That's why I ordered it directly from you.

  • Expensive

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Your filters are outrageously expensive

  • Price

    Posted by: Paul Biondi


    Found a local store with better price. I think your shipping is way to expensive.

  • #501 media

    Posted by: Colman Gardner


    It is unfortunate that the #501 Media product doesn't have built in separators, and release me from the hide and seek process which i have to go through each time i have to change a cleaner...

  • Online filter order

    Posted by: mike5902@aol.com


    We need two 5000 series filter 2X per year--$200/year. The HVAC company did not have them on hand (and they installed the units for us) one time, so I went online. I found the markup by the HVAC service to be $67 each time--every 6 months, so now we are saving $134 a year.

  • Comment on Media

    Posted by: Kathryn Feurich


    As this was the 1st time for me installing the media, I must admit that I found it difficult and more time consuming than envisioned. That having been said, I have had minimal sinus issues since and am thrilled with the effectiveness of this product. Well done, Aprilaire!

  • Aprilaire 501 filter replacement

    Posted by: CM


    Quick and easy. We ordered, it shipped and arrived quickly.

  • Now THAT'S is an air filter

    Posted by: cib


    Bought this house about two months ago and finally got around to looking for the air filter and found I had a Aprilaire 5000 on my heating and cooling system. Never heard of them. Did a little research on the web, pulled out what I thought might be the filter...and could not figure it out. But it was obviously way past time for a change of filters. Ordered a new filter, with the promise of instructions on how to install on the filter. Again, pulled the filter, but with instructions inhand...after the 312 steps (just kidding), put it into place and all is well. But, wow, that is an impressive filtering system.

  • Good product, good instructions

    Posted by: frankster14


    Product arrived promptly and in good condition. The instructions were better than most and allowed me to complete the filter replacement in about 20 minutes.

  • Easy to install

    Posted by: Dan


    Replaced my air filter. Easy to install in about 15 minutes. Ordered filter on line. Received filter one week after order placement.

  • Easy to Install

    Posted by: Pat H.


    This air cleaner media came ready to work. The instructions are posted on the back of the box for installation, and look complicated at first. It turns out that it is very easy to figure out and very easy to install. I will be coming back to make sure I have a clean filter every year.

  • 501 filter

    Posted by: rgolenda@aol.com


    Fast and helpful service!

  • good service

    Posted by: rft


    good product/service

  • 5000 Air Cleaner

    Posted by: Philip


    I purchased and installed this air cleaner my self. Very simple instillation. Since 11/01/2010 the amount of dust in the house has gone down 80%. It has help improve a nasty caugh I have had for 2y. I would recommend this unit. The cost was a plus and filter cost twice a year is Ok.

  • tough to assemble

    Posted by: Skip Jacobsen


    tough to assemble. Why make it so difficult??!! It's ridiculous.

  • ?

    Posted by: david swanson


    Order delivered in good condition in a timely manner.

  • Wonderful!

    Posted by: Cleaner


    Great process for purchasing, item was correct, and fast-free shipping!

  • Straight Forward and Timely Service

    Posted by: Kenster


    Absolutely nothing to complain about. Easy ordering and timely delivery.

  • 501 Media for Model 5000 Air Cleaner

    Posted by: Mark Bertrand


    I am very happy with my shopping on line. Your rep. was friendly and helpful, and I received my product on time as promissed. I give you 5 stars! I will order another filter this Fall.

  • Effective

    Posted by: Pearson


    Thanks for the quick service

  • Aprilaire Web Purchase

    Posted by: Ray Krasko


    Quite eazy purchase. Delivered in a day

  • It takes two years to understand the instructions

    Posted by: Earl Carlisle


    This is the second filter that I have installed. The first one last year was very hard to install; the instructions are very difficult. I ended up with the filer in an upside down position & I just gave up & left it that way. This year I was determined to do it correctly. After much swearing & anguish I finally figured out the instructions. Next year it will be a breeze an April Breeze.

  • Air Ceaner Review

    Posted by: tuneyboy@verizon.net


    Air cleaner is an excellent product and we have been pleased with its performance. Also appreciate being able to buy online and have shipped to our home. Thanks for providing this service.

  • air cleaner media

    Posted by: Julie


    I ordered the filter "Media" for my Aprilaire 5000 Whole House air filter unsure if I would be able to change it myself. It arrived almost immediately. I pulled my huge filter box out of it's housing and took everything apart. I threw the old media away and followed the instructions on the box of the new one. It went together pretty easily as the instructions have good illustrations. I was so proud of myself for not having to call for professional service which would have cost me hundreds of dollars. Well Done!

  • 501 Media

    Posted by: Stan Wierzba


    On line ordering was easy and quick. Fast shipping. Will use again.

  • 501 Media

    Posted by: John Turco


    New to Aprilaire, satisfied to date.

  • Aprilaire Service

    Posted by: RJM


    Your store service was very prompt. I received my filters and installed them without a problem. I'll be using your store again.

  • 501 Media Aprilaire

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Excellent air filter. Shipping was a lot, but I have read there are times when they offer free shipping. Easy to order, and easy to install.

  • 501 Media

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Excellent service. Easy site to navigate. Fast shipping.


    Posted by: GEORGE SHEEHAN



  • Review of model 5000 filters

    Posted by: Scott Smith


    Filters are of good quality, but Model 5000 is a clunky design and the media is difficult to replace.

  • Very Efficient and Fast

    Posted by: The Kavanaugh's


    Very easy to follow website. Found my model listed and made the purchase all within 10 minutes. Had air cleaner at my house within 4 days.

  • 501 Media

    Posted by: Richard Swihart


    Ordering is easy, delivery was sooner than expected, product does a fine job, very pleased with Aprilaire

  • Mrs

    Posted by: lru253@comcast.net


    This product was ordered to have handy when it's needed, I have one like it in now and it's working fine.

  • Apraolaire Purchase

    Posted by: Ken Mills


    I have ordered your product on line for the past six years and have always been satisfied with your service and product. this year was especially nice to have free shipping.

  • 501 filter

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Great, fast, no-hassel service

  • 501 Media for Aprilaire 5000

    Posted by: Gil Bourdon


    Excellent service, excellent product!

  • filter shipment

    Posted by: Charles Meier


    perfectly satisfied

  • Aprilaire, The Best

    Posted by: Matt Ford, M.P.A.


    I am always highly satisfied with these Air Cleaners. Since I have Asthma, I want something that does the job. This product does. Merry Christmas!

  • good job

    Posted by: ken


    I've been buying my filters directly via the web and have had excellant service. keep up the good job.

  • 5 stars

    Posted by: mike julian


    Thank you for a quick transaction and a substantial savings. We will order these filters 2X a year and save about 40% and a lot of problems with our furnace service.

  • aprilaire 5000 air cleaner

    Posted by: Carol


    Great product. We have installed the cleaner. Very easy instructions. Less expensive than buying locally. Arrived in a timely manner. This is the second time we have purchased on line. We will continue to do business with you this way. Thanks

  • 501 media filters - fast delivery.

    Posted by: KCasey


    Ordered some 501 filters on a Thursday. They were shipped Friday, and arrived to me on the following Monday. Zero problems. Great experience, and value. You have a long term customer. You will have more customers as a result.

  • Good Service

    Posted by: Adam in NJ


    501 Media for Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner was delivered very promptly and in good condition.

  • media for electronic filtration systems

    Posted by: KenR


    excellent service when buying on-line. system in use for seven years with great results. totally reliable.

  • Great service!

    Posted by: sfitz11


    Very helpful, great service!

  • Extremely Happy with My AprilAire Air Cleaner

    Posted by: Jeanette Cunningham


    My Aprilaire whole house air cleaner is a blessing. Not only have my allergies cleared up but I have very little dust in my house compared to others. I have always purchased the filter media from the company I bought the system from. The cost of a replacement filter has been increasing and the last time I bought from them it was $80.00 - then I found your web site and will order from you directly from now on. Thanks again, Jeanette Cunningham

  • Quick shipping but

    Posted by: Mike H


    The filter appeared to be old.. And was very fragile on install; I had to staple a the first pleat back to cardboard part. I looked at the old filter I took out, which was a year in the unit and put some force on the pleats to see if it was me being to rough, but no tear like the "new one" I put in. I've read lots of great reviews so one mediocre one might be a fluke.

  • 5 Star

    Posted by: Tim Palmer


    I love your site.It was very easy to find what I needed.The free shipping was an added bonus.I received my items within 2 days and am very pleased with the quality.Thank you

  • Awesome Service

    Posted by: James Quick


    Ordered filter one day, received it the next and with free shipping to boot. Will be ordering replacement media from you in the future. Thank You!

  • Amazing service

    Posted by: J Magnuson


    I looked locally for replacement filters for our air cleaner and was not able to purchase them easily at any major home improvement supplier. I ordered them on a Friday afternoon at 3pm and received them by 10:30 Saturday morning without expedited shipping. We were able to replace the filter that weekend. It was amazing service! Thank you!

  • Ordering replacements

    Posted by: Moo71457


    Ordering replacement parts for the system was very easy. Just bought house and needed new filters and web site was user friendly.

  • Internet order

    Posted by: bjh


    product at door step before expected, no hassel, no changes from i-order,able to renew annual air cleaner replacement on schedule with time to spare

  • excellent service

    Posted by: Julia


    My air filters were shipped quickly.

  • Replacement Filters

    Posted by: steveuk_turner@yahoo.com


    First impression when reading the instructions was wow , but actually when you start to follow them it is pretty simple, spacers are fussy to fit but not difficult. Deliver was very quick.

  • Simple

    Posted by: Tom Harkin


    I made my way through the site easily. Purchase was easy and it came quicker than they said it would.

  • Have an "April Reminder Sales Event"

    Posted by: Harry Morgan, Pleasanton, California


    It's easy to remember to change ones Aprilaire filter in APRIL. Reinforce that memory by offering three media filters for the price of two during April and free postage the remainder of the year. Cost is your only place for improvement. Your service is excellent. See you next April. I'll be first in line. Thanks!!

  • housewife

    Posted by: joanclagg@aol.com


    I love your product and appreciate the fast service.

  • 501 Media

    Posted by: Inez Colon


    The 501 Media for Aprilaire 500 Air Cleaner was easy to install and met my needs.

  • Media Filter

    Posted by: Carole Geronimo


    I wish that the filter didn't fall apart so easily (where the paper meets the media), I couldn't tape it b/c of fire issues so I snapped it in hoping it would stay in. I wish that the package came with a small tool to clean the wires or you sold something to clean the wires. Also, I replace 2X a year, isn't that right, not just the 1x/year? The filter certainly traps a lot of dust, hair and other stuff;have hot air furnace and it's a must have.

  • I'll be back

    Posted by: Gary


    Easy, fast, decent price, no problems whatsoever

  • firt timeer

    Posted by: Berniet


    Different kind of installation but went fine, easy to purchase from you and came quickly and in great shape....

  • Aprilaire 5000 Replacement Media

    Posted by: Dave Agostini


    Good product. Easy to change. Generally last about 1 year. Easy to order on-line and they arrive in about 3-4 days. I usually order when Aprilaire sends email notification that they are offering on-line orders with no shipping charges.

  • Aprilaire Air Cleaner

    Posted by: David J. Brummond


    I am very pleased with the prompt shipment and reduced price from our last purchase.

  • 501 Media/Aprilaire 5000 ac

    Posted by: Chuck Layne


    Much cheaper to purchase direct from you - thanks for making it easy!!

  • Buyer

    Posted by: Rampaul


    The 501 Media for Aprilaire which I ordered online arrived on time and in excellent condition. Your service is excellent and your sales representative are very friendly and helpful

  • Good Job

    Posted by: Bob Mendes


    Easy to order, easy to install. No hassles, no complaint.

  • Aprilaire 5000 Cleaner

    Posted by: Jay Hayden


    I've had the cleaner for about 10 years. I can't imagine being without it. It works!!!! Very easy to maintain and unobtrusive. My spouse smokes and I don't. Not having it is NOT an option!!!

  • Orders

    Posted by: Anonymous


    The whole process (from order to payment to delivery) was flawless

  • My review as requested by Aprilaire

    Posted by: Matt Ford, M.P.A.


    I love the Aprilaire filters!

  • media for air cleaner

    Posted by: CM


    Very happy with service from April aire eStore. It arrived promptly and was exactly as we ordered. It was about $20.00 less than getting it locally at the heating store. We will order again from eStore.

  • 501 media

    Posted by: Richard Koop


    Easy to install and works well. Wish we could get 2 seasons out of it to save time.

  • feedback

    Posted by: Anonymous


    easy to order

  • 501 Media for Aprilaire 5000 Air

    Posted by: Gil Bourdon


    completely satisfied

  • fast delivery

    Posted by: Jay in Kentucky


    online ordering is convenient, product arrived quickly.

  • Aprilaire 5000 - sweet

    Posted by: john fay


    It was just great. Price was acceptable, installation went smoothly, and my old filter was quite dirty. thanks much

  • 501 Media for Aprilaire 5000

    Posted by: Gene Fowler


    Easy to navigate your website. Arrived as promised with a 50% savings from the cost for a local purchase. Great system.

  • Excellent Product

    Posted by: Dave


    The website makes ordering a snap. The media is easy to remove and the new one easy to install. I like the fact that the box the media comes in is recyclable.

  • Satisfied

    Posted by: Dr. Wells


    Thank you for your prompt and kind attention

  • New 501 Media for Aprilaire

    Posted by: Fred W


    Swift delivery, good service, good product, good price, easy installation. See you next year.

  • Satisfaction

    Posted by: Thomas McGonigle


    The product I ordered was delivered very quickly and I am completely satisfied. The shopping experience was also excellent.

  • Convenient transaction

    Posted by: Shelly


    Item shipped quickly, thanks for a quick transaction. Would recommend this option to anyone who needs to purchase factory air cleaners.

  • Fine Product

    Posted by: Matt Ford, M.P.A.


    You can tell it does a great job when you replace the Air Filter and find all the pollutants the old filter prevented from entering the air you breathe.

  • 501 Media

    Posted by: Kib Shorey


    Always a pleasure. The system works very well and your support organization is tops.

  • Good product

    Posted by: Bob


    Online order delivered on time. Instructions for installation are well written. Most important, seems to work well!

  • Great Product

    Posted by: Amy


    Fast delivery, right product, great price. Our customer is happy.

  • Happy with product

    Posted by: Ed F


    Happy with my purchase of the media for my air cleaner. Not only were the instructions explicit and easy to follow but the installation was a breeze (no pun intended). Will order it again when I need it. I am one satisfied customer.


    Posted by: RICK REICHERT


    The online ordering process was very easy and the items came to me almost immediately! I will be shopping again with Aprilaire!

  • Completely satisified with service

    Posted by: GER


    I was completely satisified with the service I received in ordering 2 of the 501 media for Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner. I would suggest that Aprilaire set up a reminder service to remind people when to replace their media.

  • Met my needs

    Posted by: Terry Berg


    I recieved the right part at the right time. The estore was a convenient way for me to order the filters.

  • Aprilaire 5000 Filter Media

    Posted by: Dave A.


    Great product. Ordering from the estore is easy and shipping is quick.

  • 5 stars

    Posted by: Brojim


    Fast service for Aprilaire 5000 filters- clear instructions thanks

  • 501 Aprilaire Filter Media

    Posted by: Ralpha Newton, Tigard OR


    Our Aprilaire is an integral part of our home's heating/air conditioning. The website allows me to order replacements at 1/3 of the cost that my local HVAC installer charges! Quick shipping means I have it in my hands before I'd ever be able to get the HVAC company to respond to my calls. I'm a senior citizen, retired educator and this is definitely the way to go. Even this old lady can install the filter media alone!

  • Trouble-free order

    Posted by: PK, Oakland, CA


    Smooth process, prompt delivery. Thanks!

  • fliter media for Aprilaire 5000

    Posted by: Anonymous


    The Aprilaire is a good unit, and ordering directly from Aprilaire was a convenience and less expensive.

  • 501 Media

    Posted by: pat


    The process was very easy. The instructions were clear and straightforward.

  • Air Filter

    Posted by: S. N, Straatviet


    Easy to buy online and product was received timely and in good condition.

  • 501 media install

    Posted by: Skip Jacobsen


    Still difficult to install.

  • Price

    Posted by: Art


    Price is still a big issue with this product.

  • Review

    Posted by: Charles T. Wahl


    Seamless transaction. Found you on line, paid and they were on the porch in a few days.